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Walking Boots Guides



best walking boots

What Are The Best Walking Boots for the Job?

Make sure you get the best walking boots for your hiking with our walking boots buying guide.

Find out which walking boots are the best for you >


how to clean and reproof leather shooting boots

How to Clean and Reproof Leather Shooting Boots

Make sure our leather shooting boots are ready for the new shooting season with our clean and reproof guide.

Learn how to clean and reproof leather boots >

How to clean leather boots

Clean, Maintain and Reproof Leather Grisport Boots & Shoes

Make sure your Grisport boots stay fully waterproof and breathable for longer with our clean, maintain and reproof guide.

Learn how to clean and maintain Grisport boots >

How to clean my boots

How To Clean, Maintain and Reproof Your Suede Grisport Boots

Make sure your fabric and suede Grisport boots stay waterproof and breathable with our cleaning guide.

Learn how to clean suede boots >

5 tips for cleaning your boots

5 Reasons Why You Should Wax Your Leather Walking Boots & Shoes Regularly!

Check out our 5 reasons why looking after your leather boots will a bit of wax regularly will make them last.

Find out why its important to wax your walking boots >

Technology behind grisport sole unit

Grisport Boots Technical Information

Understand the technology used by Grisport on their walking boots and shoes.

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five essential features of comfortable boots 

Five Essential Features of Comfortable Walking Boots


Make sure you get a pair of comfortable walking boots with our essential's infographic.

Find out what the essential features are to comfortable boots >

Get the best from your walking boots

Leaking Walking Boots? Get The Best From Your Boots

Do your walking boots last? Perhaps they start leaking after a couple of months, or they make your feet sweat. Find out how you can try to prevent these problems.

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Prevent blisters with the right boots

Walking Boots and Shoes That Help To Prevent Blisters

Prevent blisters whilst out walking with our tips on choosing the best walking boots and shoes.

Which boots prevent blisters >

Foot blister causes

Foot Blisters and Their Causes

Find out what causes foot blisters and how you can try to prevent them developing on your next hike.

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Lacing techniques

Lacing Techniques That Help To Alleviate Foot Problems!

Do you suffer with aching feet, blisters or athletes foot? Then you may need to lace up your boots better. Find out more.

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Get the right fit

Get The Right Boot Fitting When Trying Walking Boots & Shoes On At Home

It is always difficult buying footwear online, which is why our 'get the right fit' guide will help to make sure you get the right fit!

Learn how to get the best fit at home >

Which walking boot insoles

Which Walking Boot Insoles?

Alleviate foot problems by wearing the right walking boots insoles.

Find out which walking boots insoles are the best for you >

Grisport boots that reduce tendonitis

Grisport Walking Boots Can Help To Reduce Tendonitis

If you suffer with tendonitis, then try a pair of Grisport boots. Find out more here.

Find out how to reduce tendonitis >

Grisport quatro walking boot

Product Information - Grisport Quatro Walking Boot

Reduce blisters and ankle pains with a pair of Grisport Quatro boots.

Find out more about Grisport Quatro boot >





Men and Women's Walking Boots Reviews

 Explore our reviews on our collection of men and women's walking boots.

Find out more >

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