A company called ‘1000 Mile Socks’ is a leading supplier of guaranteed blister free socks that can be used for walking, running, cycling or hiking.  Manufactured with a unique two layer construction, these socks are guaranteed to offer you a blister free walk…or you simply get your money back!

1000 mile socks blister free guaranteedFeaturing performance fabrics that include tactel and merino wool, these socks offer comfort and durability  – and all without breaking the bank!

The 1000 Mile Sock’s range has been designed to help reduce blisters but many of the socks also offer other key features to help reduce similar foot ailments often experienced by walkers, hikers or runners. For example, the 1000 mile ultimate lightweight sock has been designed with an arch brace for additional support to help reduce aching feet, whereas the 1000 mile fusion sock features extra padding at the achilles tendon point, to reduce pains in the achilles area.

Below is a comparison table of the 1000 mile socks that we currently offer at Cherry Tree Country Clothing. The table shows what the socks are made from, it highlights their key features and also offers suggestions on the type of activity they could ideally be used for.

1000 Mile Socks Comparison Table

Sock StyleBlister Free Guaranteed?Moisture WickingTactelMerino WoolSock LengthActivityWhat's so special?
1000Mile Ultimate Lightweight Sock Yes Yes Yes 63% Mid-calf Walking Arch bracing for support
1000Mile Fusion Sock Yes Yes Yes 40% Ankle Walking Achilles Tendon support, 3-4 season sock
1000Mile All Terrain Sock Yes Yes Yes 66% Ankle Walking Arch bracing for support
1000Mile Ultimate Heavyweight Sock Yes Yes Yes 89% Mid-calf Walking Insulation & durability, 3-4 season sock
1000Mile Tactel Liner Yes Yes Yes 0% Ankle Walking Wear as a liner under traditional sock or on its own
1000Mile Breeze Sock Yes Yes No 0% Hidden Running Ventilation mesh for breathability


Below is additional information about the fabrics and fibres used to produce the 1000 Mile Sock’s range:

Moisture Wicking

As we walk, our feet start to expand and get hot. Over time, this excess heat turns into moisture (sweat). Skin friction is higher when your skin is moist, and therefore keeping your skin dry helps to reduce blisters.  Walking socks that are described as moisture wicking, will draw moisture away from your foot, helping to keep the skin dry.


Tactel is a highly technical fabric that is soft, light, breathable and strong. Rigorous testing has shown that Tactel fibres are 20% lighter than other fibres and dry 8 times quicker than cotton will.

It’s worthy of note that the 1000 Mile Socks that feature a tactel liner, will help to keep your feet cool and dry when walking.

Merino Wool

Merino wool is described as being one of the softest types of wool available, which is why it has been used within the 1000 Mile Sock collection. Merino wool will also help to control your body temperature to prevent ‘over heating’ and it also has fantastic moisture wicking properties.

Therefore, socks that are made from merino wool will help to keep your feet at an ideal temperature, whilst drawing moisture away from the skin.

Nilit Breeze

Nilit Breeze fibres help to keep you cooler and comfortable during activity. These fibres also offer UV protection, have a soft cosy feel and are extremely comfortable to wear.  Nilit Breeze fibres are ideal for high impact sports, such as running and cycling.

So, at Cherry Tree Country Clothing, we hope that the above information is of some use when you’re making choices about what socks to wear.

Happy ‘blister free’ outdoor activities!