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Posted by Bethan Bithell on May 16, 2014

how to prevent blisters

Selecting the right walking socks is vital when out and about! There’s nothing worse than aching feet or blisters – sometimes after just a few miles of walking – and indeed there are many foot and walking associated problems to consider. The guide that follows will help to identify possible causes of these problems along with technologies and materials that are contained within socks, to help ensure your outdoor walking is a very enjoyable experience!

Foot Problems and Recommended Walking Socks

Problem 1: Blisters

Cause: Blisters are usually caused by friction between the sock and foot. Blisters appear when there is constant rubbing. Blisters can appear on the toe, on the heel of the foot or the side of your foot when your foot.

Material/Technology Needed To reduce the friction, a double layer construction is needed. “1000mile” socks are designed to remove the friction between the shoe and sock, and therefore the sock and foot. The result is no more blisters.

The “1000mile” walking sock company is 100% confident that its socks will guarantee NO Blisters – or you will simply get your money back!

Recommendations: 1000mile Blister Free Socks

Problem 2: Hot or overheating feet

Cause: As your feet get hot, they are unable to breath and start to sweat.

Material/Technology Needed Coolmax fabric in socks allows feet to breath and allows air to move around them more easily. To ensure your feet don’t over-heat or get hot, always select socks with Coolmax technology.

Recommendations: Coolmax Walking Socks

Problem 3: Socks slipping

Cause: Poor fit of sock

Material/Technology Needed Lycra added to a sock will make sure it fits where it should fit, as it grips your foot!. Plus Lycra helps to keep the socks’ shape – so no more shapeless socks!

Recommendations: Coolmax Socks

Problem 4: Smelly/sweaty feet

Cause: As the foot sweats, moisture stays in the sock, which results in odour

Material/Technology Needed CuPED technology is a design that adds copper ions into the yarn of “Bridgedale socks”. These copper ions create a unique ‘environment’ and anti-microbial ‘net’ around the foo,t resulting in an anti-odour sock.

Recommendations: Bridgedale Socks

Problem 5: Cold Feet

Cause: Wearing cotton socks, and feet overheating, sweating and not drying out.

Material/Technology Needed Merino wool offers excellent insulation and softness. With the added Coolmax technology, moisture is drawn away from the foot helping to keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable for longer.

Recommendations: Merio-Wool Socks

Problem 6: Boots rubbing/aching Achilles

Cause: Insufficient padding on the socks

Material/Technology Needed Achilles cushioning,along with a thicker foot bed, cushioned heel and toe, and padded lace guard, will prevent aching achilles whilst helping to prevent your boots from rubbing against your feet.

Recommendations: Grisport Socks

Problem 6: Tight ‘ankle’ of sock

Cause: Tightly knitted walking socks that can leave indentation on the skin

Material/Technology Needed consider a ribbed, loose fit for comfort, such as socks produced by “Bridgedale”.

Recommendations: Bridgedale Socks

For further guidance or advice on the best walking socks for you, please feel free to contact us! We are always more than happy to help!