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Posted by Bethan Bithell on Oct 24, 2013

Waxed clothing has been around for centuries. In fact, wax was first used on clothing in the 1950s, primarily on sailing clothes, due to its waterproofing capabilities. From the 15th century, sailers and fisherman used fish oils and greases to keep dry but eventually realised it would be more beneficial to simply use wax. So, wax has been used to waterproof cloth for quiet a few years!

Waxed cotton clothing, was first used for commercial purposes by J Barbour & Sons in the 1930s, who initially concentrated on the motorcycle market. This is how they developed their brand, “J Barbour & Sons”. Later, a gap in the market was identified, with farmers and gamekeepers looking for a tougher waterproof material and it is this creative approach that made the brand name famous!

Incidentally, the British Armed Forces also adopted waxed clothing during the World War II.

What is Waxed Cotton?

Waxed cotton is cotton impregnated with a paraffin based wax. This cotton is a highly water resistant and breathable cloth, offering the protection needed for extreme weathers.

As fashions change, and new technologies emerge in the outdoor clothing industry, waxed clothing has evolved too – from a fisherman’s tool, to a fashion statement! Indeed, waxed jackets can be seen everywhere, from the countryside to city streets all over the world!

Waxed Clothing

Waxed Long Coat P21Hoggs of Fife has been designing and manufacturing quality waxed clothes for a number of years. Hogg’s Padded Waxed Jacket really is a classic British look! Designed for anyone who is out and about, for example, farmers, gamekeepers, hunters, and shooters, this extra sturdy 500g double folded waxed cotton jacket will keep you dry and comfortable no matter what the weather. There are many features on this jacket, including a corduroy collar for style and comfort, and a two-way brass zip that will never let you down,along with a quilted lining for warmth!

For extra protection, please check out the Waxed Long Coat. This offers the same features as the padded waxed jacket, (in our picture) but is available in a longer style!

The Hadleigh Waxed Jacket by Sherwood Forest is perfect for ‘around the town’. Made from 100% waxed cotton, this jacket is both stylish and practical at the same time. With a fitted style belt and cord collar, it is perfect for those smarter occasions – whilst offering the same protection as the other wax jackets!

If you are looking for a pair of over-trousers that are tough and waterproof, then consider either the waxed over-trousers, waxed leggings or waxed treggings. Also available are a range of waxed hats including, for example, a waxed baseball cap.

Care tips for waxed clothing

Wax and cotton are natural products and will decay and lose their effectiveness over time, unless you maintain their structure. To ensure the performance of your waxed clothing, never leave your wet wax clothing in damp conditions. Allow your clothing to dry gently.

Hoggs Waxed Cotton Dressing for Waxed ClothingDue to its properties, wax will need to be maintained. Therefore, it is recommended that your waxed clothing are re-waxed annually. Due to the different waxing techniques used by different manufacturers, it is suggested that your waxed clothing are re-waxed using the original manufactures re-proofing wax. Therefore, for any of Hoggs of Fife‘s waxed clothing, it is recommended that their Hoggs Professional Dressing for Waxed Cotton Clothing is used.

In order to get an even covering, make sure that the wax is warmed and applied to your waxed clothing with a soft cloth. Keep the clothing warm once the wax has been applied so that the wax can seep into the material. It is recommended that re-proofing is carried out in the Summer months – when the garment is naturally warmer.

So, why not take a leaf out of Barbour’s and Hoggs of Fife’s books, and enjoy the great outdoors using a range of waxed clothing!