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Posted by Bethan Bithell on Jan 11, 2021

Investing a small amount of time waxing your walking boots will mean a BIG pay off in the long-run. Keeping boots waxed will save money and time - not to mention keeping your feet warm and dry.

Leather is a natural product which requires a little bit of TLC to prevent losing its natural qualities. The small amount of time you will invest in care and attention to your boots is more than made up for by the return. Leather walking boots and shoes offer:

  • Extreme durability 
  • Water repellency  
  • Breathability 
  • Ability to cope with abrasive terrain
  • A longer lasting product if maintained correctly. 

Top Tips for leather care:

  1. Allowing your leather footwear to dry naturally will increase the life span of the material. Quick drying (i.e. placing boots next to a radiator) will result in the waterproof membrane shrinking and cracking.
  2. When buying a new pair of leather walking boots or shoes, it is usually advised that you treat them before use. During the manufacturing process, the leather is treated with wax, however these boots and shoes may have been sitting for a few months and so adding a bit of wax to the leather will make sure your footwear are protected fully.
  3. Wax, wax, wax! Read on..

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Below are five reasons why you should treat your leather walking boots and shoes at least twice a year:

1. Maintain waterproofness

Leather is affected by temperature and moisture. By not treating boots sufficiently, water will stay on the leather and eventually seep into the footwear, resulting in soggy socks. Applying a treatment such as the  Grisport Waterproofing Cream to your leather walking boots and shoes ensures water beads off and does not reach the inner boot. 

 After waxing 
boots treated
Before waxing
boots that need treating

2. Maintain breathability

Leather is naturally highly breathable which offers comfort and temperature control. If boots are not cleaned with the right treatment, muck can clog the leather and prevent your feet from breathing which results in hot, sweaty feet. To ensure your leather boots maintain their breathability, it is important to ensure they are cleaned regularly with high quality products such as the Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel .

3. Keep leather supple

Due to leather being sensitive to temperature and moisture variation, it is important to treat boots and shoes to ensure they do not dry out. Untreated leather will crack resulting in uncomfortable, leaky boots. Conditioning leather helps to seal in moisture while keeping mud and rain out which provides maximum flexibility and suppleness for longer. Use a product such as Hoggs of Fife's Leather Balm which restores oils and waxes that may have dried out over time to leave your boots ready to protect your feet from the elements whatever outdoor pursuit you are undertaking. 

4. Keeps a waxy feel to the boots

Wax treatments feed the leather resulting in a healthy leather with a waxy feel that will keep on protecting your feet for miles. Like with any piece of outdoor kit, you rely heavily on walking boots to protect you from the elements and need them to perform at their best when it counts. It is therefore critical that you invest time in maintaining and protecting their naturally waterproof and breathable qualities - consider investing in a boot care kit which provides maximum protection for your boots and shoes.

5. Manufacturer’s Warranty

Improper care may result in the manufacturer’s warranty becoming invalid.

For tips on how to clean and maintain your leather boots and shoes please check out our Clean, Maintain and Reproof Leather Boots.

Whether stalking deer or walking the dog, be sure to keep your boots waxed!