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Posted by Bethan Bithell on May 08, 2015

What causes foot blisters?

No matter what your activity, whether it be hiking, dog walking, shooting or farm work, foot blisters are a common ailment.

There are many causes of foot blisters, including heat, moisture and of course pressure against various parts of the foot. Minimising friction is a key factor to help prevent blisters from occurring!

Blisters develop as a result of soft tissue layers in the foot rubbing against each other and this is known as “ shear“, which is the movement of these layers. This is a natural occurrence and cannot be prevented. As these connected soft tissue layers rub against each other the connections break, resulting in a build up of ‘protective’ fluid in a bubble (i.e. a blister). In order to prevent blisters, the friction needs to be reduced and one way to do this is to ensure that any friction is re-directed to a point between the sock and the footwear being worn. For more information on ‘Shear’ please read an interesting article from

Blister Prevention methods

Reduce friction by wearing:

hoggs of fife munro walking bootWalking Boots

Traditional leather  walking boots offer protection from both friction and heat through new features, such as an ankle – lock system to help reduce ankle and foot movement. Other technologies which help blister prevention include anti-tendonitis relief, cushioned toe joints and self-locking hooks.

The  Grisport Italian made walking boots have been designed with a unique five layer sole unit which offers stability, grip, traction and comfort, straight from the box. In addition, a carefully designed mid-sole has been made from low-density PU, which reduces the weight of the boot and enhances a comfortable walk.

These boots come with an  anatomically designed insole which offers arch support to reduce foot ache. They have also been treated with an anti-bacterial compound to prevent feet from overheating!

walking boots

Walking Shoes

Grisport Exmoor walking shoeLightweight, waterproof and breathable walking shoes are available in both fabric and leather materials.

Designed with carefully prepared insoles, these walking shoes will help to provide the support and cushioning needed, when out walking.

These carefully selected  walking shoes are now available for both men and women, in various sizes and colours.

walking shoes

Anti Blister Walking Socks

Good quality walking socks are vital to help prevent blisters.

Anti-blister socks are carefully crafted to offer the cushioning and support needed to ensure a comfortable walk.

Using top performance technology such as a double layer construction, and Coolmax fabric or lycra, these anti- blister walking socks will help to prevent your feet from overheating and ‘rubbing’.

Click here to find out more about anti-blister walking socks.

shop walking socks

Walking Gel Insoles

If you suffer with heel pains when out walking, or the soles of your feet hurt, you may need to change the type of insoles you are using inside your walking boots.

The key areas of the foot that need protection from ‘shock’, is the ball of the foot and the heel. Our collection of insoles offer shock absorption at the ball of the foot, through gel support, and also an anti-shock feature at the heel.

It’s worth noting that many walkers suffer with ‘foot ache’ as a result of poorly fitted boots and insufficient arch support. For further information please read our ‘Which walking boot insoles?‘ guide

walking gel insoles