The best walking boots and shoes to prevent blisters

Posted by Bethan Bithell on Jan 30, 2021

Getting a blister while on a long walk or hike can potentially spell disaster. Wearing appropriate walking boots is key to preventing aching feet and blisters. Largely blisters occur when there is friction or rubbing and when the feet overheat. This guide discusses how you can prevent blisters from occurring by choosing the best boot for the occasion. 

Our collection of walking boots features a variety of models offering various levels of support, waterproofing and tread depending on your needs. Above all, they are designed and engineered with your comfort as a priority (find out more). 

The Grisport Collection includes footwear suitable for various activities, from leisure walking, to backpacking and lightweight trekking. Each boot has been designed with features to help prevent blisters when out walking.

Key features to prevent friction and rubbing

Blisters occur mainly as a result of friction, rubbing or over-heating. However, by combining comfortable quality footwear with suitable ‘anti blister’ walking socks, it is possible to prevent blisters entirely. Grisport walking boots have a number of features which help to prevent blisters.

1. Support System

Grisport Ranger Boots

Grisport have designed a unique 'support system' which locks the heel in place preventing it from moving within the shoe. This results in a comfortable and secure fit meaning blisters are much less likely. Styles that feature the support system are: The Grisport Ranger boot (left) has a unique support system which locks the heel in place preventing it from moving. The support system, as designed and patented by Grisport, gives perfect control of the foot, resulting in a comfortable and secure fit. Other styles that have been designed with the support system includes – Grisport Crusader boot and Grisport Lady Glide boot.

2. Self-locking hooks

In order to control the amount of movement within the boot, self-locking lacing hooks guarantee an even and safe grip, without creating pressure points and rubbing. The self-locking steel hooks lock the boot in place to give you control over the tightness of your boots. Key styles of walking boots that have been designed with the self-locking hooks include Grisport Lady Glide boot, Grisport Ranger boots and Grisport Hurriance boots. Other styles also available.

There are many ways of lacing a pair of boots. Different techniques help to reduce pressure points and give different tension at different places on the foot. To find out more please view our guide on lacing techniques.

3. Anti-Tendonitis Relief

Many walkers and hikers suffer with pains and blisters on the back of the ankle. This may be as a result of tendon fatigue from muscle soreness, due to repetitive movement and friction, which could last up to 7 days after walking. The achilles tendon is the connection between the heel and the key muscles in the leg and, therefore, it is important to look after this tendon. This anti-tendonitis relief system gives more freedom for the tendons to move, by adding extra padding to this key area.

Other key factors to consider, to help prevent Achilles tendonitis, include:

  • gentle calf-stretching (particularly before and after exercise)
  • avoiding a sudden increase in training or exercise, build up strength over time.

Examples of walking boots that have the built in anti-tendonitis relief system include the Grisport Quatro boot.

Key features to help prevent over-heating

Grisport Sports Plus Gel InsolesGrisport Active Anti-Shock Gel Insoles

When walking in warmer temperatures, feet can get hot and will start to sweat. Good quality walking boots will be waterproof without stopping your feet from breathing and will allow moisture to escape through the breathable membrane. How much feet sweat will also depend on the boot's insoles and socks you are wearing. 

Waterproof and Breathable Membranes

Most synthetic walking boots and shoes are designed with waterproof membranes which work to keep feet dry and fully protected from the elements. There are many different membranes available, each offering different benefits. For more details on Grisport's boot lining systems, check out our Technical Guide on Grisport Boots

Traditional leather walking boots or shoes rely on the natural waterproof properties of leather to keep feet dry and allow them to breathe. Leather boots require regular cleaning and treatment to keep up their waterproof capabilities. Read more about the Importance of Waxing Your Leather Walking Boots

It’s worth noting too, that the internal lining of the boot is also important to help with breathability. Lots of our walking footwear (such as the Grisport Dartmoor Shoe) have tough inner linings, made from Cordura. This fabric is a tear and abrasion resistant mesh fabric, that is extremely breathable. Cordura fabric creates an air-circulation effect within the boot, helping to keep feet cool, especially when on long walks.

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