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5 Reasons why you should wax your leather walking boots and shoes regularly!

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Spending a bit of time waxing your leather walking boots and shoes will save you money and time in the long term.

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Leather is a natural product that needs a bit of care and attention to prevent damaging its natural capabilities. Allowing your leather footwear to dry naturally will increase the life span of the material. Quick drying (i.e. placing boots next to heat source such as a radiator) will result in the leather shrinking and cracking, and the waterproof membrane shrinking.

If buying a new pair of leather walking boots or shoes, you may need to treat them before your use them. During the manufacturing process, leather footwear are treated with wax. However, these boots and shoes may have been sitting on the shelf for a few months and so adding a bit of wax to the leather will make sure your footwear are protected fully.

Below are five reasons why you should wax your leather walking boots and shoes after every instance of wear:

1.Maintains waterproofness

By applying wax to your leather walking boots and shoes ensures water beads off. See figure 1.

boots treated

Fig. 1

By not treating them sufficiently, water will stay on the leather and eventually seep into the footwear, resulting in boots letting water in. See figure 2.

boots that need treating

Fig. 2

2. Maintains breathability

Leather has a natural capability to breath. By not cleaning and re-waxing your leather walking boots with the right treatment will clog the leather preventing your feet from breathing. Having boots that don’t breath will result in hot, sweaty feet.

3. Keep leather supple

Regular treatment will help to keep the leather supple and comfortable to wear. Dry untreated leather will crack and split resulting in uncomfortable boots to wear and leaking boots.

4. Keeps a waxy feel to the boots

Wax treatments will feed the leather resulting in a healthy leather with a waxy feel.

5. Manufacturer’s Warranty

Improper care may result in the manufacturer’s warranty becoming invalid.

For tips on how to clean and maintain your leather boots and shoes please check out our Clean, Maintain and Reproof Leather Boots.

Have happy and comfortable times, when out and about!