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Grisport Boots - Technical Outdoor Wear

Posted by Bethan Bithell on Mar 30, 2024

Understand the Technical Jargon of the Grisport Boots

Having been designing and manufacturing outdoor footwear in Italy since 1977, Grisport knows a thing or two about walking and hiking boots. The brand emerged from the shared passion of two brothers, Ed and Martin Leenders, who lived near the Dolomites and were avid hikers. They embarked on hand-stitching boots with a dedication to ensuring that comfort remained the primary focus in every creation they crafted.

Based on customer scores from the 2024 Best and Worst Walking Boots report by Which?, Grisport boots were ranked as the third best, following Zamberlan and Altberg.

Stringent testing and advanced technical specifications guarantee that Grisport footwear is optimised to be the finest it can be, providing support for whatever outdoor activity you pursue.

The Top Reasons We Adore Their Boots

There are many reasons why we love Grisport boots. They include:

  • Comfort - they are comfortable straight out the box and very little ‘breaking-in’ needed
  • Protection - the waterproof and breathable membranes keep your feet dry and comfortable for longer.
  • Lightweight - the unique design of the sole unit makes these boots and shoes lightweight
  • Cost - reasonable priced compared to some of the brands available
  • Materials - made from top quality Italian leather and technical synthetic materials
  • Construction - added features such as ankle support system and anti-tendonitis relief system to help alleviate foot ache when walking

Grisport Boot Technical Detail

The Grisport boots and shoes boast a range of qualities designed to elevate your outdoor experiences. From their technical lining to their meticulously engineered originality, Grisport walking boots and shoes offer maximum support, superior quality, and unparalleled comfort and practicality. Let's delve deeper into each of these outstanding attributes to discover what makes Grisport footwear stand out from the rest.

Lining Materials

Grisport uses different membranes (or linings) to keep rain out while letting moisture and heat escape. Boots and shoes with the Grisport waterproof logo meet British standards for waterproofing.

  1. Spo-Tex® - Designed for exceptional comfort, this advanced waterproof lining ensures your feet stay both warm and dry, while thousands of tiny micropores allow sweat to escape, keeping your feet feeling fresh and comfortable throughout the day.
  2. CORDURA® - Grisport boots are made to last. Utilising CORDURA® fabric renowned for its durability, these boots resist tears and punctures, ensuring they can withstand rugged terrain and provide lasting comfort, mile after mile.
  3. GRITEX® - Resistant to snow and rain, GRITEX® has been designed to provide warmth and dryness on even the coldest, wettest days.
  4. Sympatex® - Offering up to 100x more protection than the British standard, Grisport's Sympatex® lining is waterproof and breathable while offering flexibility and is proven not to tear even at the most critical stress points.

Designed to Support

A critical role of a walking shoe or boot is to support the wearer in all terrains. To ensure boots are comfortable and secure, Grisport have designed and patented their very own ankle Support System®.

Support System®

Grisport's unique heel locking system offers both comfort and security, allowing for optimal control and stability with every step. Have confidence in your tread with the Grisport Quatro Boots.

Vibram® SolesVibram®  

Produces the most durable soles for walking, hiking, climbing and everyday wear. Grisport works closely with Vibram to ensure these sole units are put through rigorous testing for durability and grip.

Arch Support Insole 

All Grisport boots include insoles that are anatomically designed to ensure comfort. Plus they are treated with an antibacterial component to reduce bacterial build up and are easily removable if orthotics or additional support are needed. There are also replacement insoles available which support the heel and arch such as the Grisport Active Anti-Shock Gel Insoles.

Designed for Comfort

Five Layer Sole Unit

There are five layers to the sole of Grisport walking boots. This unique construction by Grisport will guarantee comfort and performance!

Grisport Five Layer Sole Unit

  1. Outsole – Outsole includes a unique Vibram pattern for durability. Or they feature a rubber sole and trekking sole for lowland walking
  2. Stabiliser – a dense PU to give stability when walking on rough terrain. Helps to prevent the foot from twisting
  3. Midsole – made of dual-density PU. This midsole makes the boot lightweight and guarantees a cushioned walk
  4. Sole lining – an insulated and breathable lining
  5. Arch support insole – this insole completes the comfort experience. Anatomically designed to give you comfort together with an antibacterial compound treatment to avoid odours.

Cushioned toe-joint

Research has shown that the Grisport toe-joint cushioning adds significantly to wearer comfort. The feature can be seen on the popular Grisport Lady Glide Boot.

Anti-Tendonitis Relief System

The Tendonitis Relief System integrated into Grisport's design helps prevent tendon fatigue, promoting a more comfortable walking experience. The Grisport Quatro Walking Boot is highly recommended for individuals dealing with Achilles tendonitis, offering a combination of comfort and ergonomic design that effectively reduces the likelihood of tendonitis flare-ups.

Find out more about the tenonditis relief system in our video:

Designed to be Practical

Quick Lace

The hooks of Grisport footwear are made of steel so as to guarantee extreme resistance over time and a better slide for the laces. The ladies Grisport Hurricane Boot is a perfect example of the lacing system in action.

Self Locking Hook

The lacing of Grisport shoes guarantees even and safe grip without any particular pressure points, key to this is the self-locking hook. This feature is present on a variety of the Grisport range including the Grisport Ranger Boot.

Protective Toe-Cap

Many of Grisport Boots and Shoes designs incorporate a protective toe cap. This helps prolong the life of the footwear while also ensuring additional impermeability from water.

Grisportr Boot Technology

[Image source: Grs]

Outer Materials

Highest Quality Leather

By selecting only the top quality Italian leather, Grisport can ensure breathability and comfort.

Utilising Italian leather for leather walking boots offers a blend of durability, comfort, breathability, water resistance, and style. Renowned for its strength, Italian leather ensures the boots withstand rugged terrain and constant use, while its supple nature moulds to the foot, providing comfort during long hikes. The natural breathability of leather keeps feet cool and dry, reducing the risk of blisters and discomfort. Additionally, when cared for and treated with the right waterproofing, Italian leather enhances water resistance, ensuring feet remain dry even in wet conditions. Beyond functionality, the luxurious appearance and fine craftsmanship associated with Italian leather add a touch of elegance to walking boots, making them not only practical but also stylish for everyday wear.

Rubber Rand

Anti-scuff rubber rand has been added to many different styles of boots. A rubber rand provides additional protection to the boot's upper material, especially in high-wear areas such as the toe box and heel. This extra layer helps to prevent abrasion, tearing, and damage from rocks, roots, and other rough terrain encountered during walking or hiking.

Grisport Gamekeeper Boot with Rubber Rand

[Image Grisport Gamekeeper Boots - Source: Grisport]

Rubber rands can enhance the waterproofing capabilities of walking boots by sealing the seams between the sole and the upper. This helps to prevent water from seeping into the boot, keeping your feet dry and comfortable in wet conditions.

Suede, Nubuck or Mesh Uppers

Wearing walking boots with suede, nubuck or mesh uppers provides numerous advantages for outdoor enthusiasts. These boots offer enhanced breathability and lightweight comfort due to the mesh panels, allowing feet to stay cool and dry during warm weather or strenuous activity. Their flexibility and quick-drying properties make them ideal for navigating rough terrain and wet conditions, while their modern aesthetic and versatility make them suitable for various outdoor and casual settings. With careful care and treatment these boots will remain waterproof and comfortable for a number of years.

Overall, suede and mesh walking boots offer a winning combination of performance, style, and functionality for those seeking comfort and durability on their adventures.

Nubuck and Suede Walking Boots

[Image Source: Grisport Wolf Boot]

In summary, Grisport, with over four decades of experience in crafting outdoor footwear, is dedicated to comfort and quality. Their boots, ranked third by Which? for customer satisfaction, boast immediate comfort, waterproofing, and affordability, making them stand out among competitors.

Grisport's technical details, from advanced linings to patented support systems and Vibram® soles, ensure both performance and durability. Features like arch support insoles and cushioned toe-joints prioritise comfort, while practical elements like quick lace systems and protective toe-caps enhance usability. Moreover, the addition of suede and mesh uppers offers breathability, lightweight comfort, and modern style, making Grisport boots a versatile choice for outdoor adventures.

Overall, Grisport's commitment to functionality, style, and enduring quality makes them a top pick for outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

Browse our full range of Grisport Walking Boots and Shoes and find your perfect pair today.


Are Grisport Boots Comfortable?

Yes, Grisport boots are widely known for their comfort. Many users report that Grisport boots are comfortable straight out of the box, requiring very little "breaking-in" period. This immediate comfort can be attributed to the quality of materials used, as well as the attention to design details focused on providing a comfortable fit. Features such as padded collars, cushioned insoles, and ergonomic support systems contribute to the overall comfort of Grisport boots, ensuring that wearers can enjoy long walks or hikes without experiencing discomfort or fatigue.

Where is Grisport manufactured?

Grisport manufactures its footwear primarily in Italy, where the company was founded. The brand has its headquarters and main manufacturing facilities located in the Montebelluna region of northern Italy. This region is renowned for its long tradition of craftsmanship and expertise in producing high-quality footwear. While Grisport's main manufacturing base is in Italy, the company also has distribution and production facilities in other countries to meet global demand.

Last Modified: 30th March 2024

(Original 29th January 2021)