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Grisport Boots that can help to prevent tendonitis

Posted by Bethan Bithell on 14th Aug 2012

Grisport Walking Boots

At Cherry Tree Country Clothing, we don’t pretend to have all the answers but we do try our best to help whenever we can! Grisport Hurricane Walking Boot

It is important to understand that purchasing and wearing unsuitable footwear (ie the incorrect type of footwear to suit your outdoor pursuit) can often be a cause of Foot Tendonitis! Check out what we have to say about the Grisport Walking Boots.

How can Grisport Walking Boots Help Tendonitis?

Our Grisport walking boots offer protection through the way they are designed. Gripsort Anti-Tendonitis Relief configuration offers protection to help minimise the risk of tendonitis.

Anti-Tendonitis Relief SystemSpecific designs of Grisport Walking Boots have a specially engineered anti-tendonitis relief system built into the upper part of the boot to relieve stress on the Achilles tendon. Particular Grisport Walking Boots such as the Grisport Crusader, Grisport Quatro and Grisport Cobra all include this relief system. This design feature increases comfort by reducing friction and blisters.

For further information check out our youtube video on the Grisport Quatro Walking Boot or alternatively why not find out more on our website.

What is Tendonitis Foot?

Tendonitis in the foot can be both painful and troublesome, seriously affecting your ability to enjoy your walking, hiking or running activities and it may be as a result of the incorrect walking boots. We, at Cherry Tree Country Clothing, would like to offer you the following information and we hope it may go some way to help reduce your suffering.



Gray438-cropped (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In addition to pain, which can be in the guise of a sharp stabbing pain or sometimes a duller burning sensation, symptoms can also include swelling, stiffness and an inability to place your foot on the ground without a feeling of discomfort. Please do be aware that these symptoms may not be constant and may vary in severity. Although very rare, in some extreme cases, surgery may be necessary to rectify the problem so, should symptoms persist over a long period of time, do consult your doctor! Remember, tendonitis is quite a common condition and affects many people!

So what causes foot tendonitis?

Well, given that the condition is as a result of tears in the tendon leading to inflammation, many experts suggest that the main cause is often due to excessive strain and stresses of the foot over an extended period of time.

“Tendonitis is a term used to describe an inflamed and painful tendon” – NHS Choice

Tendonitis Foot treatments and remedies

There are many approaches to the treatment of Tendonitis whether it is in the foot or in other parts of the body. With regard to “Foot Tendonitis”, specialists suggest the acronym RICE should be followed:

Rest – it really is necessary to rest up and refrain from walking and running activities for a week or so, until symptoms subside

Ice – try placing an ice pack on or around the swelling of the painful area (make sure a pack is used as Ice directly on skin can burn!)

Compression – Applying a bandage to the foot can often help to alleviate symptoms

Elevation – sitting with the affected foot in an elevated position may serve to reduce pain or swelling.

Anti inflammatory medicines can be sought from your G.P and in more severe chronic cases, your doctor may suggest a series of steroid injections.

Try to avoid the possibility of Tendonitis in the first place by wearing the correct footwear!

We did say we don’t have all the answers but we are happy to offer advice on an individual basis to enable you to select the best type of footwear for your walking or hiking activities. You can contact us by email – .

Grisport Crusader Walking BootRecommended Grisport Boots with Anti-Tendonitis Relief:

Grisport Quatro Walking Boot

Grisport Crusader Walking Boot

Check out our video on Grisport Quatro walking boot below:

Other Grisport Walking Boots available are available for Men and Women:

Women Grisport Walking Boot

Men Grisport Walking Boot

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