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Grisport Crusader Boot



The Grisport Crusader boot is a lightweight, yet sturdy boot and is ideal for hill walking and trekking. It features a fully waterproof and breathable technical Sympatex inner lining and a padded ankle support. Lined with a Cordura performance fabric to prevent tears and for extra durability plus a quick lacing system for a better slide and locking for the laces.

With the five layer sole unit, and a rubber outer sole, this boot is ideal for trekking or for everyday wear!

This superb fitting boot has been a key part of the Grisport range for several seasons. 

Key features at a glance:

  • Sympatex waterproof and breathable membrane
  • Top quality Italian leather
  • Waxed leather upper
  • Vibram rubber sole unit
  • Quick lacing
  • Tough inner lining
  • Cordura performance fabric
  • Arch support insoles
  • Made in Italy
  • Leather trekking boot
  • Five layer sole unit


Colours - Dark Brown

Size: 41-47




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Grisport Crusader Boots (04:00)
Shop for Grisport Crusader boots from us now at http://www.cherrytreecountryclothing.com/products/grisport-crusader-walking-boot.html Italian made quality boot that is comfortable straight from the box - NO NEED FOR BREAKING IN!! For further informatio on Nikwax Footwear Care click on the linke below - http://www.cherrytreecountryclothing.com/categories/nikwax-reproofing/nikwax-footwear-care.html For further information, check out our Blog Review http://cherrytreecountryclothing.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/grisport-crusader-walking-boots-review/ Keep up to date with the latest news and promotions on our Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/cherrytreecountryclothing) and Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/cherrytclothing) pages! Transcription 'Hello and welcome to Cherry Tree Country Clothing's YouTube channel. Are you planning a backpacking holiday then you will need a pair of boots that are comfortable and offer good support. Here it is, the Grisport Crusader walking boot. Let's have a look. So how can this boot ensure comfort? Well Grisport have created and designed a 5 layer sole unit. There's the outer sole which ensures durability, there is a stabilizer with the sole unit and this prevents the boot from twisting and as you can see there is very little movement. Then there is the mid sole and this is the cushioned part of the sole so it guarantees a cushioned walk. A sole lining which is inside the boot, the sole lining is insulated and breathable and therefore you know your feet are going to be warm and not sticky whilst out walking. And finally there is an arch support sole, and the arch support sole is there to give you additional support needed when out walking. Grisport have partnered with Sympatex on this boot and have included a Sympatex lining. Sympatex are leading specialists in innovation and develop hi tech equipment. The Grisport Crusader has a 100% waterproof, 100% windproof and breathable Sympatex lining so you know this boot is going to keep your feet warm and cool and dry during your walk. Grisport have also used soft leather and they only use the best Italian leather. They have included a padded tongue and padded ankle for extra comfort. There is also an anti-tendonitis relief system unique to Grisport. Now this system gives additional padding at the back of the boot and therefore giving tendon relief. How can this boot ensure support? Well there is are self-locking hooks on the boot, so whilst you are lacing up your boots, the laces lock in place and therefore want slip, giving you a safe grip. There is an ankle support system at the back again this gives you extra support at the back and locks your ankle in place whilst out walking and preventing you from twisting your ankle or spraining your ankle. There is a Vibram outer sole and this sole has been designed specifically for Grisport. Vibram unique sole design is slip proof and shock proof. And finally, the Grisport Crusader boot is slightly higher than traditional boots and therefore giving you more ankle support. So, if you are looking for a pair of boots for backpacking, hill walking or even taking the dog out for a walk, then this is the boot for you. The Grisport Crusader boot -- check it out now at http://www.cherrytreecountryclothing.com. Thanks for watching.'
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