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Waxed jackets - the pick of the best! Including useful tips

Posted by Tony Bithell on 27th Aug 2016

Do you like wearing waxed jackets and looking for a new one ready for the Autumn? It’s always difficult to know exactly what to choose when buying a new waxed jacket!Finding a jacket that not only pro … read more

What to wear when deer stalking | Handy Advice Guide

Posted by Bethan Bithell on 16th Mar 2016

Stalking is a term used to describe the hunting and shooting of deer. As well as stalking for meat, there are a few other reasons why deer stalking takes place. These are:the control of disease amongs … read more

Tree Deep Camouflage Shooting Gear - Do you need it?

Posted by Tony Bithell on 28th Oct 2015

New for this Autumn, we have a fantastic collection of Tree Deep camouflage patterns, which are definitely worthy of consideration!Whether out deer stalking, duck shooting, hunting or just being quiet … read more

Shooting Jacket Guide For Women | Advice Guide

Posted by Bethan Bithell on 30th Sep 2015

Quality, durability and a touch of style are often the key considerations when buying a new women’s shooting jacket.Your personal preference may be to have a jacket that’s made from quality tweed and … read more

Bodywarmer or Gilet? What's really the best?

Posted by Bethan Bithell on 12th Sep 2015

Are you looking for that extra layer of clothing that will offer you extra warmth whilst at the same time being really practical but not sure whether a bodywarmer or gilet would be best? But, just … read more