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Posted by Tony on Aug 03, 2023

Are you ready to step into the world of adventure and conquer the great outdoors? Look no further than Gateway1® boots! Inspired by the days of America's birth, this brand pays homage to the pioneers and frontiersmen who named the first landing spot on the great rivers "Gateway one." These brave souls understood the importance of durable footwear in the harshest of conditions, where survival depended on their ability to withstand the forces of nature. And that's exactly what these boots are designed to do!

In this guide, the technology used in these boots is explained a bit further.


Lynx Ice-Grip+TM sole unit

4x4 Arrow deep-grip




Outer Sole Unit

Lynx Ice-Grip+TM sole unit

Gateway1 Field Master Wellington Boots

Gateway1 has introduced a revolutionary rubber compound for outsoles called Lynx ICE-GRIP+™. This patented compound is specifically designed to provide optimal grip even in extreme low temperatures. Inspired by the Scandinavian lynx and its impeccable paw grip, Lynx ICE-GRIP+™ has been developed and tested in the harshest winter environments in Scandinavia and other parts of Northern Europe. This ensures that the outsole rubber compound is capable of delivering exceptional performance in icy and slippery conditions.

The Lynx ICE-GRIP+™ technology is a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike. Whether you are hiking, hunting, fishing, or working in challenging winter conditions, this innovative rubber compound offers the grip you need to stay safe and stable on any surface. It provides the confidence to tackle any outdoor adventure or work requirement with ease.

What sets Lynx ICE-GRIP+™ apart from other rubber compounds is its unique 2-way grip. Unlike traditional compounds that tend to lose their grip when encountering different surfaces, Lynx ICE-GRIP+™ ensures consistent traction in all directions. This means that whether you are walking uphill, downhill, or on uneven terrain, you can rely on this outsole to keep you firmly grounded.

The development and testing of Lynx ICE-GRIP+™ in the harsh winter environments of Scandinavia and Northern Europe is a testament to its durability and reliability. It has been put through rigorous trials to ensure that it can withstand the most challenging conditions. This makes it the ideal choice for those who demand high-performance footwear that can withstand the rigours of outdoor activities or demanding work environments.

Wellingtons and Boots utilising this technology include  Gateway1 Field Master wellingtons and the Gateway1 Staika boots

4x4 Arrow Deep Grip

Gateway 1 4x4 Arrow Deep Grip

The 4×4 Arrow deep-grip boots are designed to provide top performance and shock-absorbing capabilities, ensuring maximum comfort and protection for the wearer. These boots are built with a deep-tread outer sole that offers optimal grip on various surfaces, including slippery and icy terrains. The deep-tread pattern enhances traction and stability, preventing slips and falls even in challenging conditions. Additionally, the boots feature a lynx ice grip, further enhancing their grip on ice and snow. With the outer sole of these boots cemented securely in place, users can have confidence in their durability and long-lasting performance.

One of the key features of the 4×4 Arrow deep-grip boots is their ability to provide insulation. These boots are constructed using materials that offer excellent thermal properties, keeping the feet warm and protected in cold weather conditions. The insulation not only ensures comfort but also helps to reduce the risk of frostbite and other cold-related injuries. Whether used for outdoor activities or work in extreme environments, these boots offer reliable insulation to keep the feet comfortable and safe.

The stability of the 4×4 Arrow deep-grip boots is another notable aspect. The design of these boots focuses on providing stability to the wearer, allowing them to move confidently on uneven terrain. The deep-tread outer sole contributes to this stability by providing a solid grip, minimising the risk of slips and falls. The shock-absorbing properties of the boots also play a role in enhancing stability, as they help to reduce the impact on the feet and legs when walking or running on hard surfaces. With these boots, users can maintain their balance and stability even in challenging environments.

Hunting boots that feature this type of outer sole is the  Gateway1 Staika boots


G1®- Alpha™ Footbed

Gateway1 Footbed insoles are a reliable choice for those who prioritise comfort, support, and shock absorption in their footwear. With memory foam, an orthotic shape with a heel insert for stability, and shock-absorbing gel pads, these insoles provide an exceptional level of comfort and protection. The diamond gel pads further enhance cushioning and circulation, making each step a pleasurable experience. Invest in Gateway1 Footbed insoles for healthier and happier feet.

G1®-Stage3 Footbed

The G1 stage 3 footbed is designed with an orthotic shape to effectively lock the foot in place. This innovative feature ensures that the foot remains stable and secure, reducing the risk of injuries and discomfort during activities. Additionally, the footbed is made from shock-absorbing PU material, which provides excellent cushioning and impact resistance. This is especially beneficial for individuals who engage in high-impact activities such as running or jumping. Furthermore, the footbed is equipped with vent holes, allowing for increased breathability and moisture management. This helps to keep the foot cool and dry, even during intense workouts or long periods of wear. Overall, the G1 stage 3 footbed offers a combination of support, protection, and comfort, making it an ideal choice for those seeking reliable orthotic support.


The G1 Stage1 footbed is designed to provide optimal comfort and support for individuals who lead an active lifestyle. One of the key features of this footbed is its low profile design, which helps to reduce bulk and create a sleeker look. The footbed is made from moulded EVA material, which not only provides excellent cushioning but also moulds to the shape of the foot for a customised fit. Additionally, the footbed incorporates cushion pads in the heel and forefoot areas, adding extra support and shock absorption where it is needed most. Whether you're participating in sports or simply going about your daily activities, the G1 Stage1 footbed offers the perfect combination of comfort and performance.


Gateway 1 upper design

When it comes to the construction of rubber boots, natural rubber is the primary material used. This substance is a blend of pure natural rubber combined with various additives to enhance its properties and make it suitable for use in boots. The rubber compound undergoes a rolling process to create sheets of rubber, which are then die-cut into specific shapes and sizes. These pieces are carefully hand-laid over the boot last, which is a mould or form that gives the boot its shape. 

Once the rubber pieces are in place, the entire boot is subjected to a process called vulcanization. This involves exposing the boot to heat and pressure, which causes the rubber to undergo a chemical reaction and become more durable and waterproof. By undergoing vulcanization, the boots achieve a high level of waterproofness, ensuring that the wearer's feet remain dry even in wet and muddy conditions. 

Quality assurance is an essential aspect of the production process, and all Gateway1 boots undergo rigorous testing during bulk production. These tests are carried out to verify that each boot meets the brand's standards for durability, waterproofness, and overall performance. Only after passing these tests do the boots move forward in the manufacturing process.

One notable aspect of Gateway1 boots is that they are fully handmade using proud hand craftsman traditions. This means that skilled artisans meticulously craft each pair of boots, paying attention to every detail to ensure superior quality. The handmade construction adds a level of craftsmanship and expertise that sets these boots apart from mass-produced alternatives.

Gateway 1 Pro Shooter Wellingtons

G1 62 Vulcanized natural rubberTM

This is a very strong rubber compound specifically developed to resist the use in environments such as equestrian and farming. See the  Gateway1 Pro Shooter Wellington Boot 

G1 72 Vulcanized natural rubberTM

This is the best rubber compound with the most flexibility. By adding various lamination layers using different rubber, it creates the strongest rubber. This is known as Japan-rubberTM technology.



Gateway1 Wellington boots are designed with innovative features to provide maximum comfort and protection for the wearer. One of these features is the Coil lining™, which has been specially developed to effectively transport moisture away from the foot and leg. This unique pattern helps to keep the feet dry and comfortable, even in wet or sweaty conditions. 

The Coil lining™ can be used alone to provide a cooling effect, allowing the feet to breathe and preventing overheating. This is particularly beneficial in warmer weather or during physical activities that induce sweating. The moisture-wicking properties of the lining ensure that any dampness is quickly expelled, keeping the feet feeling fresh and dry.

In addition, the Coil lining™ can also be combined with neoprene and/or 3M Thinsulate™ for insulating features. This allows the boots to provide warmth and insulation in colder temperatures, making them suitable for use in various weather conditions. The combination of the Coil lining™ with these materials ensures that the boots maintain a comfortable temperature inside, preventing heat loss and keeping the feet warm and cosy.

For an example of a wellington boot that uses a Coil liningTM see  Gateway1 Sportsman II 12” wellington boot

When you slip on a pair of Gateway1® boots, you're not just wearing footwear - you're embracing a symbol of strength and resilience. The logo, inspired by the native Indians, depicts the mighty North American bison, also known as the buffalo. Just like these magnificent creatures, these boots are built to withstand even the most severe conditions. Whether you're trudging through snow and ice or navigating rugged terrains, Gateway1® boots will be your trusted companion on every adventure.

But it's not just about surviving in the wilderness; it's about thriving in it. With Gateway1® boots, you can go beyond simply enduring the elements - you can conquer them. Our footwear is designed to provide unparalleled functionality, ensuring that you can tackle any challenge that comes your way. From waterproof materials that keep your feet dry in the pouring rain to sturdy soles that provide excellent traction on slippery surfaces, these boots are built to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

So, if you're an adventurer at heart and crave the thrill of exploring the great outdoors, look no further than Gateway1® boots. With their durability, functionality, and symbol of strength, they will be your ultimate companion on every journey. Step into a world of excitement and embrace your inner pioneer with Gateway1® boots!

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