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Posted by Bethan Bithell on Nov 10, 2014

The UK shooting season is upon us! From August the game bird and waterfowl open seasons start. So what is the shooting fashion, or the etiquette?

shooting fashionAre you new to this country sport and would like to know what the essential wardrobe is? With the shooting fashion changing year upon year, Cherry Tree Country Clothing we advise you on what to wear, at competitive prices.

The shooting season in England, Wales and Scotland officially starts with Red Grouse on August 12 and therefore knowing what to wear during our British summers can be a bit confusing. Lighter fabrics have been used to replace the heavier, traditional wear but they still give you the protection needed.

Shooting fashion: traditional look or something different?

The traditional style is the three piece matching tweed. This includes tweed ¾ length jacket, breeks(also known as plus fours or plus two’s) and matching waistcoat. This smart look can be reproduced using Hoggs of Fife Kinloch tweeds or Hoggs of Fife Ladies Roslin tweed collection.

If seeking a more jazzy look then why not jazz up your gear with colourful knee high cushioned foot shooting sock, garter and ties by Bonart. But remember, the traditional muted greens and browns tend to help you stay hidden!!

Shooting and Country Clothing for Men

There are a variety of shooting jackets available, but the key feature to look for is fit. When carrying and using a gun, you will want to make sure the jacket is lightweight and not too bulky. The main issue to be aware of is the style of the jacket. Incorrectly placed seams or wrinkles might get in the way when mounting the gun.

Cherry Tree Country Clothing recommends the Glenfinnan tweeds by Hoggs of Fife as a traditional look shooting jacket. This Dirleton tweed jacket is sure to meet your expectations.

Bonart has also produced an outstanding Scottish country tweed jacket. The Game tweed jacket is made from 100% Pure Wool and is woven in Scotland. Definitely worth a view!!

If you prefer the non-tweed jacket then we recommend either the Gadwall or Hampton Country Sports Field jacket by Sherwood Forest.

Shooting fashion for ladies

The Caledonia tweed jacket by Hoggs of Fife is teflan coated for protection against rain and is made from 60% wool for extra warmth and 40% mixed fibres for wear and tear.

If you are looking for a more non traditional look, how about the Hampton or Kensington field jackets by Sherwood Forest. This beautifully textured fabric will offer you protection and warmth during the colder months.

Country Sport Trousers and Breeks

Fit is very important and obviously comfort, when deciding on your shooting trousers and breeks.

Breeks, also known as plus fours, are described as short trousers with a buckle fastening just below the knee. Knee length socks are then worn below the breeks and the overhang helps to direct rainwater away from the inside of your boots. Remember, breeks need to be long enough but don’t inhibit fence climbing or bending to pick up items!

Breeks are available in either a tweed or moleskin. Currently, we supply a range of breeks, including Hoggs of Fife moleskin breeks. These breeks are manufactured to high quality and are described as “Best in Class”!!

Or if you prefer a more subdued trouser then consider the mid weight cord trousers by Hoggs of Fife. These trousers have been tailored to a traditional fit and made from 100% cotton.

Benefit of Layers

When out and about in the countryside the most important aspect is being comfortable. There’s nothing worse than being too hot or too cold. Layers are important, and deciding on what layers is the key to comfort.

Country Check Shirts

To get the traditional look it is vital that one of your layers is a tattersall shirt or check shirt. At Cherry Tree Country Clothing we select only the top quality shirts, which is why we recommend the pure cotton tattersall check shirt by Hoggs of Fife and the classic country shirt by Bonart. A range of colours are available.

We also supply 100% silk embroidered ties and pattern braces!!


To make sure you have smooth movement when using your gun, a waistcoat will give you freedom but the extra warmth.

The Edinburgh tweed waistcoat by Hoggs of Fife has a breathable, quilted poly/cotton lining and side vents for a comfortable fit. The green with claret and gold box check tweed is made from 60% wool and 40% mixed fibres. An outstanding layer!

The Monarch 100% pure wool country tweed waistcoat has suede trims on shoulders and pockets. This tweed waistcoat oozes style.

Socks and Accessories

A quality sock with generous turnover is a must. The more traditional country ribbed knit stocking tends to be the favourite. The Hoggs of Fife stocking is knitted using the finest British wool yarns in a 70%/30% wool/Nylon mix. With copious turnover, this sock will give you the performance that you need. For extra strength, then give the Country Cable knit stocking a try!

For something more lavish, Bonart’s Raasay knee high cushioned foot shooting sock maybe of interest to you.


Choosing the correct headwear is vital to maintain the correct body heat. Ideally, you are looking for a waterproof and breathable hat that will withstand the roughest of weathers, such as the Indiana Wax hat from Hoggs of Fife.

For something a little bit different how about the Harris Tweed Deerstalker by Hoggs of Fife. The “Harris Tweed” is a tweed that has been made from pure virgin wool, spun, dyed and finished in Scotland. The Harris Tweed collection uses a sturdy 18oz weight of tweed.

That’s it, that’s the full range of clothing recommended for shooting from head to toe.

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The shooting fashion at your shoot will depend on how formal or informal the event is. Therefore it is recommended that you speak with the gamekeeper prior to the event to confirm the appropriate dress.