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Posted by Bethan Bithell on May 15, 2015

Section 3: Linings

What to consider?

When considering a new pair of wellington boots, choosing the correct lining is just as important as choosing the right outer. If the internal lining of the boot is not suitable for the environment you find yourself in, it’s likely there will be an impact on how long you feel you can stay outdoors!

Some customers find that neoprene-lined wellies are not suitable when out and about in warmer climates as their feet can get hot, whereas cotton lined wellies are not likely to be suitable for colder environments.

Wellington Boots with Neoprene Lining

Goodyear Stream Wellington

As comfort and durability are key features needed in a pair of wellington boots, a neoprene lining may be the answer.

These boots have been lined with a synthetic rubber, similar to that used in diving suits, known as neoprene. Neoprene technology has fantastic temperature control capabilities and is very flexible and soft.

Some key benefits of neoprene lined wellies are:

  • warmth – trapping warmth within the boot
  • comfort – cushioned walking
  • support – the welly moulds itself around the foot for a great fit
  • damp-proof – extra protection from dampness

However, there are some drawbacks of neoprene-lined boots which are:

  • they may not be suitable for hotter environments
  • they are not washable

If you suffer with cold feet and are on your feet for long periods of time, perhaps in wet and muddy conditions, then this type of boot is what you need!

Neoprene-lined wellington boots are great for anyone out in the countryside who does a lot of walking. When this lining is paired with a Vibram sole unit, this type of boot is great for farmers, shooters, hunters or dog walkers.

A sturdy neoprene-lined wellington boot that  we recommend is the Goodyear Stream Wellington, with 3.5mm of neoprene lining, offering comfort and warmth. This welly also has a sturdy trekking outersole, for traction and grip!

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lunar-hearts-wellington2500x500Cotton Linings

Many brands such as Hoggs of Fife, have lined their wellies with a cotton lining. There are many benefits of a cotton-lined wellington boots, such as:

  • they are easy to pull on and off – no ‘suction’
  • they allow space for thick socks
  • they are washproof and fast-drying
  • they provide a turnover top, if necessary

The Hoggs of Fife Braemar wellington boot also has a removable, washable cotton insole.

The disadvantages of cotton-lined wellington boots are:

  • feet may be cold when the wellies are worn in colder environments
  • there is no ‘cushioning’ in the welly
  • feet may sweat when the wellies are worn in hotter conditions

However, cotton-lined wellies are, for example, just great for stable hands and fisherman alike, as they are ideal for wading through mud and rivers or hosing down those concrete yards!

Therefore if you find it difficult to pull your boots off, a cotton-lined wellington boot could be the solution for you. For ladies,  we recommend the LazyDogz wellies with a cotton lining.

Rubber Linings

The traditional, ‘budget’ wellington boots have no additional lining but the internal rubber lining offers great flexibility and movement. Some of the benefits of wearing this type of boot are:

  • they are reasonably priced
  • they allow plenty of space for thick socks
  • there is space to add your own insole and/or wellington bootsox
  • they have traditional wide-sole lugs, for good grip
  • they are easy to fit and remove

The disadvantage of wearing rubber-lined wellington boots include:

  • there may be a ‘suction’ action when pulling off the welly – you may lose your sock!
  • they offer very little warmth – depending on the thickness of the sock you wear!
  • there is no ‘cushioning’, so you will need to add a ‘cushioned in-sole’, of your own, such as a fleece insole or felta insole for warmth and comfort

Budget rubber wellies however, when worn with thick socks, are perfect for farmers and farm-hands alike!

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