Posted by Bethan Bithell on Jan 16, 2016

Wellies are often considered essential footwear for anybody working outside or for those enjoying the outdoor environment. Interestingly, wellington boots have gone through many design changes over the years but traditionally, wellies were green in colour and were most commonly spotted being worn on the farm yard! Nowadays however, wellington boots can be seen being worn just about anywhere – at musical festivals, on the cat walk, out in the garden or even when out horse riding.

We have designed this ‘Buying Guide’ to give you some valuable insight into the various features of a welly and indeed what to look out for, next time you buy a pair. Once you’ve read this guide, if you would like further information about our welly collection, please do not hesitate to call into our shop in Ruthin, North Wales, or contact us on If you prefer, please feel free to phone us on 01978 437029.

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Where will you wear your wellies?

hunting and shooting welliesHunting & Shooting

If out shooting or hunting, you may walk for miles through rough, muddy ground. Therefore arch support, comfort, flexible, grip and warm are the key features needed for hunting and shooting.

Our collection of adjustable wellies and neoprene wellies offer great qualities to ensure you catch that perfect prey.

We recommend neoprene wellies with arch support

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dog walking wellies

Dog Walking

No matter whether you have the most well behaved dog, they are sure to get up to mischief possibly jumping in rivers, puddles or boggy ground. Therefore wellies for dog walking are essential. If you have dogs like ours at Cherry Tree Country Clothing, you will need to walk for miles in all sorts of weather, so comfortable and warm wellingtons are a necessity!

Grip, comfort, durability and arch support are essential elements of a welly when dog walking.

We recommend adjustable wellies

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gardening welliesGardening

When you have a flower bed to prepare or a vegetable patch to turn over, reliable, durable and comfortable wellies are essential.

Whether you are looking for a pair of short length wellies for flexible movement or a pair of everyday safety wellies our collection will be sure to meet your needs.

Flexibility, comfort and durability are key features needed for gardening.

We recommend short length wellies

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farming and agricultural welliesFarming & Agricultural Work

Farming and agricultural work demands a lot from your feet. No matter what the weather, farmers, stable hands and gamekeepers need to tend to their animals. You may also be working with heavy equipment so safety is paramount.

Warmth, comfort and safety are key elements to consider when buying new wellies.

We recommend safety wellies

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festival wellingtonsFestivals

Whether attending Glastonbury, Creamfields, or perhaps Party in the Park, festival wellies are essential. With many of the musical festivals being held on farmers’ fields, the ground can of course be very wet and muddy – and there is no guarantee that the weather will be dry and sunny!

Reliable wellies are needed if you are to stay dry and it’s worth thinking about a poncho and a pair of wellies as an essential part of your festival kit. Style, comfort and fashion are key elements!

We recommend colourful wellies

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fishing welliesFishing

Whether game, coarse or sea fishing wellies are essential to stay warm and dry all day long. You may be walking and standing on hard surfaces such as rocky ground, or on muddy surfaces for many hours.

Comfort and warmth are the key features needed!

We recommend neoprene & lined wellies

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Things to consider before buying a pair of Wellingtons

Sole Unit

There are many different types of wellington sole units. If you are planning on walking a long distance then a Vibram sole unit may be more beneficial. It’s worth noting that Vibram soles offer great grip and traction.

If you are working with chemicals, oils or manure, it is important to select a sole that is resistant to these compounds. (Please see our additional information guide to help you with this, or please contact us for advice)

Calf Size

Calf size can sometimes be an issue and may be either too wide or too narrow. Our collection includes adjustable wellies which offer an adjustable buckle on the side and you can also choose short length wellies, which are suitable for those of you with wider calves.

Wellington Lining

Lining refers to the internal lining of the wellington boot. Many traditional wellies have a traditional rubber inner. However newly designed boots now offer comfortable neoprene, fur and fleece linings. If you are planning on working in cold environments, then a neoprene wellie maybe your ideal choice.

Some of our more colourful festival wellies now offer a cotton lining, making it easier to slide them on and pull them off.

Colour & Design

Gone are the days when wellingtons boots were only available in the colour of green. Nowadays, wellies are available in various colours, designs and patterns. Some of our designs include:

tartan – spotty – flowery – hearts – lime green – black – red – yellow

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