Posted by Bethan Bithell on 15th May 2015

Section 4: Accessories

Whether considering buying a pair of neoprene-lined wellies or festival wellies, there are many wellington boot accessories available.

Staying warm and comfortable are the key factors to consider when buying a pair of wellies, and our selection of wellington boot accessories will assist with this.


Many of the insoles supplied in wellington boots may not be suitable for the shape of your foot. Perhaps you are  flat footed or suffer from high arches, back ache or leg ache. If so, the traditional basic insole may be causing these problems and so replacing them with a technical insole may alleviate some of these aches and pains.

Below are five benefits of changing your insoles to make your wellies feel more comfortable:

  • fleece insoles will provide warmth
  • felt insoles will prevent damp
  • performance gel insoles will provide arch support
  • sport gel insoles are anti-bacterial and help to reduce foot odour

There are, of course, many other foot problems caused by wearing footwear with insufficient insoles . To find out more please read our Which walking boot insoles guide.

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Wellington Boot Bag

Whether dog walking, farming, walking or shooting, at the end of the day your wellies are likely to be wet and muddy. To prevent big clumps of mud and wet puddles appearing in your car foot well, or when you get home, a wellington boot bag is a perfect investment.

Welly boot bags are made from heavy duty materials that are tough and durable. Equipped with a carrying handle, air vents and full zip, these bags will make looking after your wellington boots seem like a breeze. Please remember that air vents are essential in a boot bag is they prevents wet, muddy boots from going mouldy and even rotting over time - especially if you have forgotten to clean them after use!

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