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What to consider before buying a pair of wellies

Posted by Bethan Bithell on Feb 28, 2023

Hoggs of Fife Field Sports wellingtons

Back in the 19th century, wellingtons, gumboots, galoshes or rain boots, (perhaps better known as wellies!), were very popular when out hunting and shooting. Today, they are often seen being worn at festivals, when out shopping on the high street, or even at the school gate! (Well, on snowy or wet days at least!).

It seems that wellies are still an essential part of countryside life and are indeed still a firm favourite in the hunting and shooting scene – and they have in fact become quite fashionable!!

But, choosing the right pair of wellies can sometimes be daunting, as there are so many different styles, with different features, cuts and colours to consider!

As the humble wellington has now become specialist footwear, it is a good idea to carefully think about what you plan on using your wellies for, and what type of environment you will be wearing them in.

It’s probably best to spend some time researching the main features of any welly before purchasing, so choose wisely to ensure you get the right fit, comfort and performance from the wellies you end up with.

At Cherry Tree Country Clothing, we suggest that the factors you need to take into consideration are:

Our collection of wellies for women and men includes short and long lengths, calf fittings, linings, various colours or designs, and leather or rubber material. To view the full collection, please click here.

Wellingtons for everyday wear

The Goodyear Stream Wellington Boot has a 3.5mm neoprene lining to offer warmth and comfort and a thick cushioning in-sole to absorb any shock, such as when you are walking to the peg. It also has an adjustable width strap at the calf, which will help to guarantee a great fit. Made from premium Goodyear rubber upper, the Stream wellington boot is both tough and robust – it’s simply great for long days out shooting, and it’s ideal for walking on or through rough grounds!

The Best Everyday Wear Wellington Boot: Our Selection

Shooting, hunting and beating

For shooting wellies, comfort, style and durability is essential.

If you are looking for a pair of tough, durable wellies to wear everyday, in all kinds of temperatures and environments, (e.g. working on the farm, or tending to your horses), then try the Gateway1 Pro Shooter wellington boot. This boot is lightweight yet extremely tough. It offers many features, such as a shock-absorbing heel, an anatomically shaped footbed, side zip for easy access and an impact resistant metatarsal protection offering!

Plus it’s a one-piece boot, it's so easy to ‘hose down’ once you return home!

Alternatively, you could consider the Hoggs of Fife Field Sports 365 Wellington Boot. This welly is designed with a cotton lining, so there is plenty of space for an extra pair of shooting socks to be worn. And, with a side buckle, the Field Pro is really easy to put on and pull off. By the way, they look fantastic with a pair of breeks!

However, instead of rubber, you may prefer a leather, waterproof and breathable wellington boot. There are many benefits when wearing leather boots, such as:

  • they are soft, comfortable and supple
  • they are warm and are great insulators
  • they are naturally breathable
  • they are tough

Wellingtons for Fashion

If you are looking for wellington boots that are suitable for festivals and/or fashion, then you can’t go wrong with a pair of colourful, jazzy wellies such as our LazyDogz Wellington Boots. These are sturdy rubber boots, with a side buckle to give you a perfect fit. These are just fantastic for festival goers!

Accessories for Wellies

Do your feet or toes get really cold in traditional rubber wellingtons during the winter months? Or, perhaps you like to have a soft, cosy feel but don’t really want to stretch to the expense of a more costly neoprene wellie? Well, if this is you, then you may want to consider our boot Liner. This removable and washable liner fits very neatly over your foot and offers warmth and comfort.

Another essential accessory we offer is the boot bag. Wellingtons are often worn on muddy or wet grounds, so to keep your car boot clean you really would benefit from one of our wellington boot bags. In addition, the Jack Pyke wellington boot bag is designed with a strong PVC base, a durable nylon outer, along with mesh vents and double zips for easy opening. And, that’s not all, as it folds flat when not being used!

We also have a great selection of socks that are suitable for wellies, please click here to view our collection.

How to maintain your boots

In order to extend the life or your wellington boots, just a little care and attention is needed from time to time.

In order to maintain a classic rubber welly you should:

  • ‘hose down’ or wash them regularly
  • clean any manure, mud, dirt or chemicals away from the sole unit
  • dry them in a well ventilated area, but away from direct sources of heat (eg a radiator or fireplace)
  • hang your wellies by the heel, so that they dry out effectively

In order to maintain a leather welly you should:

  • remove all mud, manure, dirt, oil or chemicals from the boot
  • allow them to dry naturally, away from any heat source
  • use a waterproofing product such as Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for leather regularly, to maintain and treat the leather to prevent it from cracking or splitting
  • make sure you pay attention to removing any dirt etc., from the zips and/or buckles

So whatever your requirement, whether it be style, comfort or practicality, you could do a lot worse than choose from the wellingtons mentioned above! Whatever decision you make, we hope you enjoy your boots and should you need any specific guidance or advice on which wellies or accessories are best for you, please do contact us on 01978 437029, or simply e-mail us. We’ll be delighted to help in any way we can!

[This article has been updated on the 28th February 2023. The original publishing date was March 2015]