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Posted by Bethan Bithell on Feb 01, 2016

With all of the recent extreme downpours, snow storms and high winds, sometimes ordinary walking boots are simply just not good enough - especially when you're out and about walking your pet dog!

So, a good pair of dog walking wellies may be a necessary alternative!

At Cherry Tree Country Clothing we have two Beagles named Bailey and Patch, who absolutely love their walks. If you also have dogs and are the same as us then, at doggy walking times, you probably look out of the window and if it's wet and windy, you may think "na...not tonight". Then you look at your pets' faces and think "oh...go on then!". Well, how could you say no?

So, you grab your over-trousers, your dog walking jacket and your dog leads, and then you think...Mmm, is it dog walking boots or wellies tonight? Then, you look out of the window again and notice the large rain drops rolling down the window pane and, yes, you go ahead and pull out your wellies from the cupboard!

Why wellington boots rather than walking boots?

In the past, wellington boots may have been uncomfortable, cold and even sloppy around the foot and leg area but nowadays, with new designs and updated manufacturing techniques, wellington boots can be just as comfortable as  walking boots - if not more comfortable in some cases!

So, it's worth considering that you could easily move from wearing everyday walking boots to wearing dog walking wellies instead. Well, it's definitely something to think about when planning your future outdoor activities with your four legged friend!

Do remember too, that wearing walking boots can sometimes restrict where you can go, such as chasing your Beagle through rivers and swamps, or perhaps wading through deep snow. Your wellington boots then, can give you the freedom and confidence that you need to splash through streams and brooks without any concerns.

so, to help you make an informed decision about what might be best for you, we have compiled a list of our top five recommended wellington boots, below, for you to consider:

Our top 5 dog walking wellies

1. Goodyear Ladies Loch Neoprene Wellington Boot

Goodyear Loch Wellington Boots

The Goodyear Loch welly is a neoprene lined wellington boot that utilises Goodyear rubber, making this boot lightweight, durable and comfortable. With an adjustable side strap to help achieve the perfect fit and a rugged sole unit for great grip, they really are easy to put on and pull off. They are available in ladies sizes 36-42 (UK 3-8).

For a Goodyear wellington boot for men, please check out the Goodyear Stream wellington boot, available in sizes 36-47 (UK3-12).

2. Hoggs of Fife Field Sport 365 Wellington Boot

Based on the same design as the Hoggs of Fife Field Sport neoprene lined wellington boot, the 365 is a cotton lined wellington boot . This boot is made from top quality rubber and features a Vibram XS Trek sole unit for extra shock absorption, grip, abrasion resistance and durability. Plus with a removable cushioned EVA insole, these wellington boots are comfortable straight out of the box! They are available in sizes 5-11.

Hoggs of Fife Field Sport 365 Wellington Boots

3.  Lazy Dogz Harper Dog Print Wellingtons

Lazy Dogz Harper Dog Print Wellingtons

New Lazy Dogz Harper Dog Print Wellington boots! All rubber boot with dog design and paw print on the inside. Great dog walking wellies, or festival wellies! Cotton lined for comfort and side adjuster for comfort.

Available in the Teal and Navy in sizes 3-8

4.  Lunar Garden Wellingtons

Lunar Garden Wellingtons

For those of you who are a little bit more adventurous, and looking for a pair of 'fun' dog walking wellies, then the Lunar Garden wellies are for you. Made from tough rubber with a cushioned inner sole, again, these wellies are just great for wondering around the town dog walking. They are available in sizes 3-8.

5.  Highlander Moorland Wellington Boots

Designed with outdoor life in mind, the Highlander Forces Moorland Wellington will protect the wearer from the wettest of conditions. Adjustable straps and rugged soles for added grip ensure you are comfortable and sure-footed while out and about. Perfect for strenuous outdoor pursuits and casual activities such as walking the dog.

So, when equipped with a new pair of dog walking wellies, there's certainly no worries about getting wet when your pet doggy looks up at you with those soppy eyes and asks you to go for a walk...even if it is 9.00pm at night in a heavy downpour!

Click here to shop full range of  Dog Walking Wellies

For more information about the best wellies to suit your needs, please do contact us. We'll be very pleased to hear from you and very pleased to help!

Happy dog walking!


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