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Aching feet, cold feet or perhaps hot feet can spoil your enjoyment when out walking or hiking!

You may find that your feet are fine at the start of your walk but, perhaps two miles into your walk, your feet are hot and start to ache. Then, three miles in, your feet are still aching so you decide to stop, take in the views and give your feet a rest. Some twenty minutes later, your feet no longer ache, and have cooled down – great! So, you set off again. But guess what? Less than thirty minutes later, your feet are now cold, maybe really cold – to the extent that you find yourself stopping, taking off your walking boots and socks, and rubbing your feet to try and warm them up! Does this sound familiar?

Well, there are many reasons for aching, hot or cold feet! Two of these reasons may be:

  1. Wearing the wrong socks
  2. Wearing the wrong type of walking boots or walking shoes

Five steps to comfortable feet when out walking


Coolmax walking socks

As you walk and gain speed, your feet will get hot and sweaty. If you are wearing cotton socks, moisture will stay in the sock, meaning that your feet will stay hot. Eventually, as your feet cool down, perhaps after a break, the moisture that remains in your socks will make them wet or damp, resulting in cold feet.

To prevent moisture from staying in the fabric, choose walking socks that incorporate Coolmax technology. Coolmax walking socks wickes (draws) mositure from the skin and allows air to circulate – resulting in cool, comfortable feet all day.


Merino Wool walking socks

If you suffer from cold feet, a possible reason for this is that your feet simply over-heat! Some fabrics such as Cotton can over-heat your feet and cause them to ache.

Merino wool is soft, comfortable and is an excellent insulator. Unlike other wools, Merino wool is not scratchy, but is smooth, soft to the touch and warm. The Horizon Merino Hiker sock includes Merino wool for warmth, Polypropylene, Polyamide and Acrylic for durability and Lycra to ensure a comfortable fit.


Padded walking socks

A possible cause of aching feet is insufficient padding in the sock, resulting in aching achilles and boots rubbing on your ankle.

Grisport Endurance Walking SockThe Grisport Ultra Trek sock has been designed to provide extra padding and support where needed. With a fully cushioned foot bed, arch support, flat-comfort toe seam and a luxurious soft leg, this sock fits perfectly. The Grisport Endurance sock (see picture on the left) also provides extra support with the added padded lace guard.

Another recommendation is the Horizon Hiker sock – loop stitched sock with plenty of padding on the foot bed for comfort.


Non-breathable membranes

Sometimes wearing the wrong type of walking boot or shoe can result in aching feet. Many walking boots or shoes incorporate a waterproof membrane and this could prevent your feet from breathing – i.e. preventing air from circulating your boot – resulting in hot feet. Grisport walking boots and shoes such as the Grisport Quatro backpacking boot include a waterproof and breathable membrane! The membrane keeps rain out and allows moisture and heat to escape. Plus, using top quality leather will allow your feet to breath! The Grisport Dartmoor walking shoe also offers this protection.


Comfortable sole unit

The final step to ensure a comfortable walk, is to select a walking boot that has a sole unit that offers comfort, stability and support.

A hard sole unit can put strain on your foot’s bones and also your knees, resulting in aching feet, knees and, sometimes back!

Grisport has designed a five layer sole unit that will guarantee a comfortable walk. Arch support insoles have been incorporated into all Grisport walking boots and shoes.

Grisport Five Layer Sole UnitTo ensure a comfortable and enjoyable walk, it is ncessary to select and wear the correct footwear!

5 Steps In Summary:

  1. Wear walking socks that incorporate Coolmax technology to prevent over-heating
  2. Wear walking socks that includes Merino Wool to prevent your feet from getting cold
  3. Wear walking socks that have padding on pressure points
  4. Wear walking boots that have a waterproof and breathable membrane to allow mositure to escape
  5. Wear walking boots that includes a stabilizer and midsole to aid a comfortable walk

Enjoy, safe and comfortable walking and hiking!

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