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Posted by Bethan Bithell on May 08, 2015

Walking socks carefully crafted to prevent friction, overheating and rubbing!

anti blister walking socks

The main cause of foot blisters is friction and moisture. As we walk, the bones in the feet move, causing sliding of the soft tissue layers across one another, resulting in something known as shear. Over time, this repetition and considerable movement, forces the inner connections between these layers to break down, resulting in a build up of protective fluid. Hence a blister is formed! The problem is that this inner movement is a natural occurrence and cannot be prevented. However, this movement can be directed elsewhere to help reduce the likelihood of blisters.

To try to reduce the inner layers (that break down) from causing blisters, wearing a thin inner sock with a cushioned thicker sock on top, will encourage movement to be re-directed between the two socks. When walking, the inner layer stays with the foot whereas the outer layer moves with the shoe, thus reducing friction on the skin.

Another cause of blisters is over-heating! Basically, as feet get hot they sweat, causing moisture. Then, as the feet expand, they can’t ‘breath’ and this creates an environment that is just perfect for the development of blisters!

Benefits of wearing Coolmax Walking Socks & Liner Socks

Given that a main cause of blisters is heat, (i.e. feet over-heating in thick socks or socks made from the wrong material), then choosing a good quality pair of socks to wear is very important.

Coolmax fabric is a polyester material that ‘wicks’ away moisture from your feet and helps to control the temperature. Many walking socks, such as  Horizon Coolmax Hiker, have been designed with the coolmax fabric to help wick moisture away from the foot, hence reducing the possibility of over-heating!

Purposely designed liner socks, made from either Coolmax or Tactel will protect your feet from over-heating and rubbing. By wearing a thin layered sock under your traditional walking socks, a barrier against rubbing between the footwear and the foot itself will be formed . Any friction will be transferred between the outer layer sock and the liner sock – resulting in no blisters!

Incidentally, cotton socks are not suitable for walking. Cotton material can’t regulate the temperature of your feet and as a result your feet will sweat. The Cotton fabric will eventually soak up the moisture and, as a result, you will have cold feet.

To view our collection of liner socks please click here.

Double Layer Construction Anti Blister Walking Socks

By wearing two pairs of walking socks, (one thin inner layer and one thicker outer layer), this double-layer construction eliminates friction between the boot and your feet, meaning that the skin is not constantly rubbing against the sock. result. The final result is no blisters!

1000mile socks are a range of socks designed and produced by an organisation that calls itself ‘1000 Mile’. This organisation has carefully constructed a ‘sock within a sock’, using a unique design that eliminates friction between the boot and sock. The thin inner layer has been made from a soft fabric which offers superior wicking properties, which will wick away any perspiration from the foot, directing it into the more absorbant outer layer. 1000 Mile is so confident about its products that it offers a ‘No Blister Guarantee’ or your money back! Plus, as part of this guarantee, it promises that these socks will stay in good ‘walkable’ condition for up to 1000 miles – or, again, you will get your money back!

1000mile Fusion Walking Sock

1000mile Fusion Socks

The  1000 mile Fusion socks are conventional socks that have been designed using the two layer technology. The inner layer is made from 100% Tactel. Tactel is extremely soft and light but is strong. It is 8 times more absorbent than other fabrics and 3 times stronger than other natural fibres. The Tactel inner liner wicks away perspiration to keep feet dry and cool for longer.

The outer layer has been made using a mixture of fabrics including Merino Wool. This wool is the softest of wool, providing warmth, helping to regulate body temperature and assisting with the wicking of moisture. Padded comfort zones have also been added to key pressure points, including:

  • padding on the toe, heel and ball area
  • arch bracing for additional support
  • padded protection for the Achilles Tendon

1000 mile Ultimate Heavyweight Walking Sock

1000mile Ultimate Heavyweight Walking Sock

Another recommended double layer construction anti blister walking sock is the 1000mile Ultimate Heavyweight socks. This 3/4 season walking sock offers excellent durability and insulation and will fit comfortably in any type of walking boot. With the outer layer made from 76% wool and 24% nylon, this ribbed and heavyweight sock will hug your feet and keep them warm and comfortable all day long.

The inner layer, made from 100% Tactel stays with the movement of the foot, reducing friction and heat. Plus the Tactel fabric will wick moisture away from the foot.

There are many other designs, colours and styles available within the 1000 mile double layer construction socks. To view the full collection click here.

For more information on how the double layer construction of the 1000mile socks help to eliminate friction and rubbing, please view our 1000mile technology guide.

Other brands of socks also available are Bridgedale socks and Horizon socks. Check out our full range of walking socks by other brands here.