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1000mile socks technology | Country clothing

Posted by Bethan Bithell on May 05, 2015

1000mile socks are made by an organisation that actually calls itself 1000mile. It has made a substantial name for itself by designing and producing great quality socks, using a unique ‘double layer’ construction! This clever design assists with the elimination of friction that can often build up between the shoe and sock when walking – and this is one of the main causes of blisters! So, a clear benefit of this design is that it ‘transfers’ movement between the two layers within the sock, resulting in less friction.


1000mile socks technology

These anti blister socks offer great protection through the use of top performing technology and materials.


Many of 1000mile’s walking socks have a Tactel inner liner. Tactel is a material that offers fantastic wicking properties, helping to keep your feet cool and dry by reducing heat. Tactel has also been proven to be soft, breathable and dries 8 times quicker than cotton!


As well as the ‘double’ construction of these socks, extra padding and comfort pads have also been added to offer protection at key pressure points. Examples are as follows:

  • Heel Power Fabric – this grips the heel firmly, to prevent it from moving, thereby reducing friction. 1000mile Ultimate Lightweight Sock
  • Fusion Technology -this offers key pressure point padding, particularly at the heel and toe. 1000mile Fusion Sock
  • Padded achilles heel – extra padding on the heel of the sock is given, for additional support and protection. 1000mile Approach Socks
  • Wicking inner layers – 100% Tactel inner liners offer fantastic wicking properties, helping to regulate the temperature by drawing mositure away from the foot. 1000mile Ultimate Heavyweight sock

The 1000mile socks guarantee

If within one year of purchase you find that you do experience a blister, or your socks wear out within a distance of 1000 miles, (provided they have been maintained according to the care instructions), you will receive 100% of your money back – gauranteed!

All 1000mile double layer socks are covered under this guarantee!

To view our full collection click here – 1000mile Walking Socks

We wish you many miles of happy and safe walking!