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Equipment Guides



Hiking Staff Tips

10 Useful Tips on Using a Hiking Staff

Check out our tips on using a hiking staff. From moving brambles to helping to alleviate body aches when walking.

Find out the 10 useful tips of using a hiking staff >


which walking boot insoles 

Which Walking Boot Insoles?

If you suffer with aching feet whilst out walking, replacing your insoles may help. Find out how here.

Find out which walking boots insoles are the best for you >

Deer stalking checklist 

Deer Stalking Essential Equipment Checklist

Make sure you have all the right gear when out deer stalking with our essential equipment checklist.

Check out the deer stalkers equipment list >

Dexshell Care Instructions 

Dexshell Care Instructions

Make sure you get the best from your Dexshell gear by cleaning them the right way. Find out how here.

Learn how to take care of your Dexshell products >

 RFID Technology

RFID Safe Technology

Make sure your 'contactless' credit and debit cards are safe when traveling by using Radio Frequency Identification blocking products. Find out more.

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Gaiters Buying Guide 

Benefits of Wearing Walking Boot Gaiters

Leg gaiters are essential no matter what the weather. When walking through long grass, walking gaiters may save your life.

Find out about the benefits of wearing gaiters >

easy way to put on gaiters 

How To Put on Gaiters Effortlessly

Check out our latest 'how to' video.

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Mosi Guard V Deet Repellent 

Deet Repellent Verses Mosi Guard Natural Insect Repellent

Is a natural insect repellent as effective as a chemical repellent? Find out more here. 

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Nikwax Cotton Proof Guide 

New and Improved Nikwax Cotton Proof

What are the benefits of the new and improved Nikwax Cotton Proof? Why should you use it on your clothing and equipment? Find out more here. 

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20 Uses For a Poncho

Not just an emergency coat but there is 20 different uses for a poncho. Find out more here.

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Equipment Reviews

 Explore our reviews on our collection of tweed bags, gaiters and much more.

Find out more >

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    9th Apr 2019  B.Bithell

    Dog Walking Boots Buying Guide | Advice on What To Wear

    What to look for when buying a pair of dog walking boots Choosing the right pair of dog walking boots is not always easy! With so many to choose from we can easily become confused and end up buying a pair that's not right for us. This guide will e

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  • Hoggs of Fife Albany Tweed Collection - A Luxury Range!

    26th Jun 2018  Bethan Bithell

    Hoggs of Fife Albany Tweed Collection - A Luxury Range!

    Hoggs of Fife Albany Tweed Collection Quality tweed jackets and accessories for ladies can be difficult to find - especially when there are some inferior brands out there in the market place. Well, you can rest assured that the Hoggs of Fife A

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  • Best shooting wellies for shooting and beating

    18th Jul 2017  Bethan Bithell

    Best shooting wellies for shooting and beating

    Best Shooting Wellies – The 2016 Review! Are you looking for the best shooting wellies available? Well in this blog we, at Cherry Tree Clothing, have selected four of our newest and best shooting wellies to discuss, which we have available for the

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