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Posted by Bethan Bithell on Mar 09, 2015

No matter what the weather, rain or shine, walking your dog is a daily task – often of course, two or three times a day! Therefore wearing the correct dog walking gear is important if you are to remain cool, dry and comfortable.

Dog Walking GearThis guide examines the following dog walking gear:

Dog walking clothing

– Hats and Caps

– Socks and Gloves

– Dog walking boots and wellies

Dog Walking Gear – Clothing

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Layers are important to ensure you stay cool and dry when out walking your dog. You can choose a 3 in 1 jacket with a mid-layer or, alternatively you may select separate garments. Wearing a number of lightweight garments will enable air to circulate helping to keep you warm. Small air pockets form in-between the layers of the jacket which is insulated by your body temperature. Plus, if it’s a cold, damp morning when you set out but, as the day progresses, the sun starts shining, it’s really easy to remove a layer so that you stay cool.

Dog Walking Jacket

A waterproof jacket can be very useful when out walking your dog. You may find that you need a longer coat to cover your legs and keep you warm. We offer a range of longer coats for both men and women which are waterproof and make ideal dog walking coats.

Key features to look out for when buying a dog walking jacket:

  • Hood: A fixed or detachable hood should be large enough to cover any headgear you may be wearing in extreme weathers
  • Pockets: Consider where they are located! Are there security pockets in which to keep items such as keys, mobile phones, or money? Waist pockets should be large enough for dog treats, dog toys and dog-waste bags!
  • Length: Is the length of the jacket so long that you can’t comfortably climb over styles? Can you open the zip from the bottom for easy movement? Is the coat long enough to cover your legs and keep you warm?

As the owner of two very boisterous Beagles, a concern for me is whether the jacket has plenty of pockets to carry dog treats, toys, a whistle and of course those necessary poo bags!

An essential part of your dog walking gear!

Over trousers and Waterproof Trousers

Over trousers offer you extra protection if you decide not to wear a full length coat. Over trousers should ideally be washable and it’s important to ensure they remain waterproof.

Key features to look out for:

Waist: Is this elasticated for ease of movement? Is there button closure for better securement?
Wash and Reproof: Can the trousers be washed in your washing machine, or must they be hand washed? This is very important, especially if your dog is energetic and enjoys jumping about and splashing in mud and rivers and getting you dirty in the process! Maybe you have to lift your wet, smelly and muddy dog into the back of your car after a long walk and, if so, we supply “Nikwax Tech Wash” and “Nikwax TX Direct” wash and reproofing solutions to enable you to safely freshen up your waterproof and breathable garments afterwards. Using these products will ensure your over- trousers and waterproof trousers remain clean and waterproof for many years!
Ankle closure: Zips at the bottom of your over- trousers are very useful as you won’t need to take off your boots to put on your trousers. This can be very handy indeed!
Pockets: Many over trousers don’t have pockets themselves but do offer you access to your under trousers. This, again, can be very handy and sometimes will save you the trouble of having to transfer dog treats and poo bags from your under trousers to your waterproof trousers.
Breathability: Breathable fabrics will prevent you from overheating and sweating! Breathable waterproof trousers will draw moisture and sweat away from the skin and prevent water or rain from entering. So you are dry on the inside as well as the outside! Brilliant!

Base layers

Base layers also help to keep you cool and comfortable. Try to stay away from cotton as this may hold sweat and can get heavy. Bamboo base layers have outstanding “wicking” performance that will draw away sweat and will act as a second skin layer. (Wicking means drawing sweat or moisture away from the body.) For more information on bamboo base layers, check out our base layers Guide here.


A Gilet is really the same as a body warmer and these make excellent layers! A gilet or bodywarmer will provide extra warmth where it is needed the most – on your back, but allows free movement in the arms, so you can continue to throw a stick for your dog for many hours, with no restrictions!

Dog walking jackets, gilet and trousers are also available in wax finish. If you are looking for a jacket, gilet or a pair of trousers that will be tough long lasting and will withstand the slobber from our faithful friends, then it may be helpful to check out our range of wax clothing.

Dog Walking Hats and Caps

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There’s nothing worse than rain pouring down the back of your neck or into your eyes when out walking your dog. Our extra wide brim hats give that extra protection to avoid these situations.

Wax hats and caps are easily reproofed using wax cotton dressing, available either as spray or traditional wax. Alternatively, why not try a waterproof hat from our “Sealskinz” hat collection. Sealskinz products have a unique three layer system, which guarantees that they will be waterproof. Plus, they can be machine washed. (Please check with the individual garment before washing!)

Dog Walking Socks and Gloves

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Whether you wear wellies or boots when walking your dog, it is important to select the right type of socks to wear. If you suffer with blisters, or you find that your socks don’t last as long as you hoped, then perhaps you should try our “1000mile” socks.

The manufacturers of 1000mile socks guarantee you will not get blisters when wearing their socks even when walking up to a distance of 1000miles – or your money back! 1000 miles socks are available in various thickness and styles. If you need a thicker sock for your dog walking wellies, then try the Ultimate heavyweight sock. With the unique double layer, the 1000mile socks are warm, comfortable and durable.

Do you find your feet sweat whilst out walking? Then try socks which incorporate “Coolmax”. Coolmax socks draw moisture away which results in a cool and dry foot. Don’t take our word for this – check out what the experts have to say here. Coolmax Technology)

We also stock a range of “Horizon” socks. This manufacturer has an agreement with “Coolmax” and incorporates Coolmax into the make- up of the socks they manufacture. For example, the Horizon coolmax trekker sock will give you the extra comfort needed whilst out with your dog. Plus with a soft top finish, these socks give a relaxed and comfortable fit.

Dog Walking Gloves

Grip, warmth and waterproofness are three key features you need of a pair of gloves for dog walking. The “Sealskinz Ultra Grip” offers all of these features. This glove has a dotted palm to ensure a great grip, Merino wool lining for to keep you warm and a unique three layer technology that guarantees the product is waterproof, windproof and breathable. The “Ultra Grip” glove is a close fitting glove so you can hold your dog lead comfortably.

Dog Walking Boots and Wellies

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Sturdy, waterproof and comfortable……that’s what we all look for in our dog walking boots. “Grisport” boots are lightweight, waterproof, breathable. They are comfortable straight from the box! All Grisport boots have a unique waterproof and breathable membrane to keep out water whilst allowing air to circulate, thus preventing your foot from sweating. With a quick lacing system you can jump into your boots quickly and safely and go – no hassle!

For extra stability, the Grisport boots incorporate a stabilizer into the sole unit. The stabilizer will prevent your boot from twisting, resulting in a more stable walk. Check out more details about our Grisport boots here.

If your dog takes you through all sorts of muddy paths or tracks, then you will need to be able to reproof your boots. A leather boot can be easier to clean than a fabric boot, as leather can be wiped clean. Treat any leather boot (apart from Anfibio leather) with “Nikwax Waterproofing wax”. The wax will prevent the leather from cracking or splitting and will help to soften it.

To effectively maintain your fabric boots, allow them to dry after walking and then carefully brush off any mud with a boot brush. Reproof your boots with “Nikwax Fabric and Leather Proof”. For optimum performance, clean your boots with “Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel” before reproofing.

Dog Walking Gear – Wellies

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Some might say that a good pair of wellington boots is also an essential part of your dog walking gear! Sometimes, walking boots just won’t do! Wellies may not be the most comfortable footwear but they are often necessary when we have 6 foot snow drifts and severe floods. Wellies tend to be” wet day” footwear!

When looking for dog walking wellies you will need to consider the fit, comfort and style. Our “Goodyear Neoprene” wellies are perfect for cold winter days. This Wellington Boot has a sturdy, slip resistant sole and a waterproof foot and it is still lightweight!

We also offer extra wide, adjustable wellies which are suitable for those of us with larger calf’s yet will still offer the comfort we need when out walking.

Hopefully this guide contains some useful suggestions for the dog walkers amongst us. If however, you have any further queries or questions or would like additional product information, then please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Cherry Tree Country Clothing! We look forward to hearing from you. Happy dog walking!