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Posted by Bethan Bithell on May 19, 2015

Family walking holiday planned? Get the right walking gear!

With Spring almost over and Summer just round the corner, it's time to start thinking about how to get your family fit and healthy - so, what better than a family walking holiday!

With temperatures starting to climb and those well deserved holidays approaching, you may well have some exciting plans to walk a section of the Wales Coastal Path. Or, perhaps you're going to attempt walking up Snowdonia (yes, walking...rather than taking the train!). If so, do you and your family all have the right gear to help keep you dry, warm, comfortable and safe?

Suggested walking gear for ladies

As the UK weather is very unpredictable, it's not a good idea to leave home without a waterproof jacket. Part of the Xtreme range from Target Dry, the T-Dry Xtreme Scout jacket has a sporty, athletic styling, with a scooped back hem for extra protection. Made from top performing materials, the Scout jacket is both highly waterproof and breathable. In addition, to ensure a comfortable walk, try the Grisport Nova shoe. This is a lightweight, waterproof and breathable walking shoe that has been designed specifically for ladies, and is available in two very snazzy colours - Pink and Grey or Lime and Navy. These shoes will last longer taking you a lot further! Plus, to prevent blisters when walking try the 1000mile All Terrain hiking socks, made from a unique double layer construction to help prevent friction and heat.

Suggested walking gear for men

For warmth without any excessive weight, the Craghopper Corey fleece top (available in various colours) is a technical midlayer fleece that's just great to wear on its own or under a waterproof jacket. Craghoppers is a leading supplier of top performing walking and hiking wear, and its Kiwi hiking trousers are one of our best selling garments. The Craghoppers Classic Kiwi Trousers are made to last and are produced from durable Polyester/Cotton, offering those 'all important' essential features, including reinforced knee and seat areas and an OS map sized cargo pocket. Plus, the Kiwi trousers are water resistant and quick drying.

Additionally, for great ankle support, comfort and durability, the Grisport Quatro boot is a great choice. Made using a unique five layer sole unit, these walking boots are designed to be comfortable straight out of the box. Plus, for fully waterproofness and breathability the Edge boot has been designed with a 'top of the range' Sympatex membrane.

Other essential walking equipment

The Highlander Roll-Top rucksack is a lightweight rucksack, with a roll-top closure, that will certainly keep your items safe and dry, all day long! Available in three sizes and three colours, this rucksack is perfect for carrying a drinks bottle, a map and a pair of binoculars. An essential piece of equipment that every walker or hiker should have in their pocket or rucksack is a lightweight neck gaiter. This breathable gaiter is made from a seam-free polyester microfibre, which is extremely versatile and lightweight. This multi purpose item can be worn in many different ways and suggestions include a neck gaiter, a face mask, a head protector, a bandana or simply as a wrist strap. This item will fold up small enough to fit easily into the side-pocket of a rucksack or even a jacket pocket, ready to be put to good use when it gets a bit chilly up on those mountains. Ideas for ways to use this garment are endless!

For the more serious hiker, a base layer will be needed. These layers are worn directly next to the skin and offer protection against hypothermia and muscle aches. These classic long sleeve base layers are made from a lightweight fabric and are designed to draw moisture from the body to keep you dryer and warmer for much, much longer.

If you prefer a different colour or style in any of the items above, or if you are looking for more inspiration, why not view our men's and women's full collections.