Rockhopper Roll Top Daypack 20 Litre

Highlander Outdoor Gear

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Introducing the Rockhopper daypack from Highlander. This new range of daypacks is a lightweight roll top bag which is perfect for camping, walking, hiking and cycling. Made from a tough 600D polyester with PU coating the Rockhopper Daypack will keep your gear safe and secure. 

Key features at a glance:

  • 2 way buckle fastening (top or side)
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Adjustable side compression straps
  • Adjustable waist strap option when usiing top fastening

Size: 20litres

Dimensions: 43x23cm

Colours: Blue/Orange, Green/Orange, Burgundy/Pink, Black/Red

Weight: 250g

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    Endless Source of Misery

    Posted by Hollie on May 30, 2016

    I bought the product with the intention of using it as my daybag for hikes and as my carry on bag for flights while I was travelling for 3.5 months. I needed something that was very lightweight, folded up small but was durable. Compared to the other packable daybags I found it seemed very well constructed, with a more reliable looking fabric. However not long after my travels the bag became an endless source of frustration. The shoulder straps are incredibly badly designed; they're constructed of a thin piece of strap with padding that is slipped over the top (kind of like a seatbelt cover for children) but only sewn at the bottom end. This means that as well as constantly spinning around the thinner strap, it also became bunched up. So every time I took the bag on or off I had to attempt to stop it from becoming tangled and awkward, which was near impossible. It also meant that the straps were incredibly uncomfortable because the padding would slip around to the outside of the strap, and the thin strap would dig into my shoulders. Another frustrating feature on the bag is the main opening at the top, which features clips used to close it, in the method that you would close a drybag. Except that it did not close, or only closed after I went to extra effort to actually tie the clasps in a knot and then close them. It didn't seem to matter on the weight or the volume of what was in the bag, or if I secured the clips from the front or the back, as soon as I put it on, the top would unravel itself (with the clasps together) and become open and unsecure. The stitching on various parts of the bag also started to come apart after only one to two months of use, rendering it soon-to-be-completely-useless. I also found that the internal shape of the bag became an issue; if I were to fill the zip pocket with too many things, it would bulge awkwardly into the main compartment, an annoying chunky flap that constantly got in the way of me being able to reach other things in the bag. An external pocket would have been much better, or if it were designed in a way that did not interfere with the main compartment. There were some things I liked about the bag - the bright colours, the chest and hip strap functionality and the durable zip on the pocket at the front - all good things. However, the bag greatly affected my travels, it became a problem I had to sort out several times every day until I ended up buying a different bag. It's now impossible for me to get a refund from the shop I bought it from, as it's now a few months old and I probably don't have the receipt anymore anyway.