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Posted by Bethan Bithell on Mar 03, 2015

RFID Safe Technology

RFID stands for ‘Radio Frequency Identification’. This is a wireless non-contact radio frequency that will compromise an individuals personal identification.

How it works

RF enabled cards such as credit, debit or government issued identificaiton cards carry a unique radio frequency identification chip. This chip contains personal details about the holder such as card holder’s name, address, phone number, account details and employee information.

Thieves can obtain this information by hacking the radio frequency, from up to 10ft away, using an RFID reader, and then ‘clone’ the personal information onto their own cards – resulting in the thieves having full access to the card holder’s account details.

RFID Safe Blocking Products

PacSafe RFID Safe blocking products include an RFIDsafeTM blocking material which blocks out any virtual transmission betwen 10MHz – 3GHz, which are the radio frequency used by RF enabled credit and debit cards, e-passports, Smart cards and key cards.

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