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Grisport Keeper Boots Review


  • fully waterproof and breathable
  • Vibram sole for great traction and grip
  • cordura lining on part of the tongue for a better fit


  • lugs on sole unit not very deep


Overall, the Grisport Keeper boot not only provides plenty of ankle support and weather protection, but it also fits, pardon the pun, like a glove!

This lightweight, high leg boot is made from Italian leather that needs very little breaking in. Featuring a cushioned sole design, which is unique to Grisport, this boot offers many miles of comfort and support.

Many different fabrics and the superb use of technology join forces to make this Grisport Keeper boot both tough and rugged and made to last.

Interestingly,the tongue is made from part leather and part Cordura fabric. What's really good about this is that Cordura fabrics are known for their durability and resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs. By making the tongue part Cordura, the boot is easier and more comfortable to wear whilst still offering great protection from the wet or any debris.

There is a 1.5" leg padding at the top of the boot, made from a soft suede fabric and the boot is lined with a highly technical waterproof and breathable membrane called Sympatex. This membrane will help keep your feet comfortable and dry whilst controlling the temperature of your feet. This helps to prevent your feet from overheating - no matter what the weather!

Incidentally, the insole is removable and replaceable. 

Other key features of this boot include:

- It has a unique padding on the achilles section of the boot.  This added padding allows better movement of the achilles, reducing the pain often caused by inflammation of the achilles tendon. This is a tendon that runs upwards from the back of your heel and can become inflamed as you walk.

- There are steel eyelets and a quick lacing system.  Steel eyelets allow better slide of the laces allowing you to achieve a better fit. This Keeper boot has four quick lacing hooks and one self-locking hook. The self-locking hook allows you to achieve the correct tension on the lower part of the boot, locking the laces in place. This enables you to achieve the correct tension at the top half of the boot by lacing through 'quick hooks'.

- There is a 2" rubber sole depth.  This extra depth gives more protection to the leather boot allowing you to walk through rough terrain and on rocky grounds without scratching or tearing the leather.

How to get the most from the Grisport Keeper Boot

As with any other leather boot, allowing your boots to dry naturally is key to the durability of the leather. Also, as leather is a natural component, over time, it will eventually 'dry out' and crack - unless proper treatment is applied on a regular basis. A waterproofing wax treatment for leather boots will 'feed' the leather allowing it to remain supple and flexible.


Look after your boots and they will look after you!

Enjoy your boots!



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