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Grisport Boots Technical Information

Posted by Bethan Bithell on 3rd Mar 2015

Lightweight, waterproof and breathable boots

Looking for a pair of lightweight, waterproof walking boots that don’t cost the earth? Then check out Grisport Walking and Hiking Boots.

Every style of boot and shoe is hand designed and manufactured in Italy. In 1977 Grisport designed their first pair of boots, today they are now one of the five biggest manufacturers of walking boots in Europe.

Extra care is taken and rigorous testing is done to make sure only the top quality leather is used. Using the latest solar powered technology, Grisport supply products to over 50 countries around the world.

Grisports’ production methods make their boots and shoes lightweight and they guarantee to be the most comfortable walking boots and shoes you will ever wear!

Grisport Boot Technical Detail

Every care is taken to make sure that only top quality leather is used during manufacturing. Rigorous quality control is in place to monitor the quality of 90% of Grisport walking boots and shoes from their main factory based in Montebelluna, Italy and the remaining 10% from their European factories.

Features of Grisport boots include:

  • Slip resistant vibram sole
  • Fully padded tongue
  • Nubuck/leather/suede upper
  • Spo-Tex lining
  • Heel support
  • Firm fitting foot bed
  • Strong insole
  • Nylon twist proof insole
  • Leather/cordura lining
  • Anchoring lock
  • Leather lining
  • Shock proofing layer
  • Tendinitis preventing slot
  • Waterproof and Breathable

Grisport use a variety of linings to ensure that rain is kept out but at the same time allowing moisture and heat to escape. All boots marked with Grisport waterproof logo conform to British waterproofing standards.

Spo-Tex Lining

A spo-tex lining is a waterproof and breathable lining.

Support System

To ensure that the boots are comfortable and secure, Grisport have designed and patented their own Support System. This support system is an effective heel locking system so that the boot has full control over the foot during all levels of adherence.

Top quality leather

By selecting only the top quality leather, Grisport can ensure breathability and comfort.


Cordura performance fabric is a key factor in all top quality trekking boots. Cordura fabric is known for its durability and excellence resistance to tear and puncture. Any boot or shoe with Cordura fabric included will guarantee many years of wear.


Gritex has been specifically designed and patented by Grisport for its water repellence and breathability. This lining will give you up to 3 ½ hours protection against the extreme weathers as well as protecting against the cold.


Sympatex is a waterproof and breathable lining and offers up to 100 times more protection than British Standards. This flexible and lightweight membrane has been proven not to tear at critical stress points and prevents heat escaping from wind penetration.


Vibram soles produce the most durable soles for walking, hiking, climbing and everyday wear.

Arch Support Insole

All Grisport insoles are anatomically designed to ensure comfort. All insoles are treated with anti bacterial components and are removable if special insoles or additional support is needed.

Quick Lace

The hooks of Grisport shoes are made of steel so as to guarantee extreme resistance over time and a better slide for the laces

Example: Grisport Glencoe Walking Boot

Self Locking Hook

The lacing of Grisport shoes guarantees even and safe grip without any particular pressure points, key to this is the self-locking hook.

Example: Grisport Avenger Hiking Boot

Protective Toe-Cap

Many of our designs incorporate a protective toecap.This helps prolong the life of our boots while also ensuring additional impermeability from water.

Cushioned Toe-Joint

On several of our designs you will find the cushioned toe-joint. Our research has shown that this jointed area adds significantly to wearer comfort.

Example: Grisport Revolution Walking Boot

Anti-Tendonitis Relief
This special configuration in our designs, prevents tendon fatigue, aiding a comfortable walk.

Example: Grisport Quatro Walking Boot

Find out more about Grisports five layer sole unit – Click here

Click here to see our full range of Grisport Walking Boots and Shoes

grisport boots sole design

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