Top 3  Best Ladies Tweed Jackets

Posted by Bethan Bithell on 25th May 2022

There's something special about a  ladies tweed jacket. The feel and weight of the wool on the shoulders and the protection it gives when out in the elements, means it's truly worth every penny!

Whether looking for a new tweed jacket to wear around town, visiting the next game fair, walking the dog or going to your next shooting event, our top 3 picks of tweed jackets for women are sure to catch your eye.

Benefits of Tweed

There are many benefits to wearing tweed. Apart from the country feel it will give you, tweed is durable, warm and cosy too. Further, it keeps out the wind and repels water pretty well too. With added waterproof and breathable membranes now available, tweed jackets can be fully waterproof.

There are many different tweed styles and designs available on the market, including lambswool, traditional wool and Harris Tweed. There are also a variety of lovely colours available including blue, red and, of course, superb shades of browns and greens.

In addition, you can wear a tweed jacket with just about anything these days. Probably your tradiitonal country look is a tweed jacket with a checked blouse and a stylish pair of moleskin jeans. That said, you can dress a tweed jacket up or down in many different ways, depending upon the occasion. One example is to use a silk scarf or tie accordingly.

Below are our top 3 tweed jackets for ladies:

The Hoggs of Fife Roslin Technical Tweed Field Coat

Hoggs of Fife Roslin Tweed Field Coat

The Hoggs of Fife Roslin technical tweed field coat is packed with the essential features needed when out and about. Made from 100% lambswool and featuring a waterproof and breathable membrane, this field coat is going to give you the protection you need when out on the field.  

Material: Outer 100% Lambswool with a satin inner lining
Care: Dry Clean Only
Sizes: Ladies UK8 - 20
Special features: Storm cuffs, retaining straps and bellowed pockets

This is a great outer jacket and can be worn over the matching Roslin tweed waistcoat, a checked blouse and a pair of moleskin jeans.

To complete the look there is also a matching pair of  breekstweed baseball cap and tweed twist hat


The Game Ladies Derby Tweed Jacket

Ladies Derby Tweed Shooting Jacket

The Game Ladies Derby tweed jacket is a quality jacket and made in the United Kingdom.  This is a lightly quilted tweed jacket with a waterproof and breathable membrane.  

Material: 60% Wool, 25% Polyester, 10% Acrylic
Care: Dry Clean Only
Sizes: Ladies UK8 - 22
Special features: inside zip pocket, retaining straps, storm cuffs and drip guard at the base of the jacket

For extra chilly days, this tweed jacket is perfect as an outer layer jacket over the matching  tweed waistcoat.  


The Hoggs of Fife Musselburgh Jacket

Hoggs of Fife Musselburgh Tweed Field Coat

The Hoggs of Fife Musselburgh tweed field coat is made from a wool and polyester mix. This is a more tailored tweed jacket, with a nice fit, that's perfect for wearing about the town as well as out on the field.  With concealed poppers on the storm flap and a luxury satin lining, this tweed jacket is sure to please!

Material: 80% Wool and 20% Polyester
Care: Dry Clean Only
Sizes: Ladies UK8 - 18
Special features: Sturdy brass two way zip, tailored fit, waterproof and breathable membrane

If you like the bracken tweed of the Musselburgh tweed field coat, there is also a matching hacking jacket and two types of hats available. 


Hoggs of Fife Musselburgh Tweed Collection:

Hoggs of Fife Musselburgh Hacking Jacket

Hoggs of Fife Musselburgh Tweed Baseball Cap

Hoggs of Fife Musselburgh Tweed Twist Hat

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