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Posted by Bethan Bithell on Mar 04, 2014

The tattersall shirt (or check shirt) has been in and out of fashion for many decades, with a considerable number of celebraties spotted wearing colourful or plain versions. For example, X-Factor 2009 winner, Joe McElderry, and teen Twilight star Taylor Lautner, have both been out and about sporting these colourful check shirts.

Tattersall is a well known pattern and is offered by many major brands such as Barbour, Peter Christian and John Lewis. This pattern is available in two styles, either plaid or tartan. A tattersall shirt is composed of 2-3 different colours which criss-cross each other to formLadies Tattersall Shirtperfect squares. This style was first introduced by ‘Tattersalls of London’ and was used on horse blankets. Nowadays, the tattersall design is more commonly found in men’s shirts.

Recently, there has been a rise in demand for a tattersall shirt for women. These shirts are designed using softer colours, such as pinks and blues, and is quite a popular garment to wear at horse riding events or shoots.

Which tattersall shirt?

A tattersall shirt offers a traditional, elegant impression and customers can choose from a range of styles, colours or fabric. If you are seeking an ‘earthy’ look, then try the Bonart Cottingham Tattersall shirt, as featured in the picture below.

Bonart Cambridge Tattersall ShirtThe long sleeve traditional tattersall shirt, by Bonart, is made from 55% Cotton for comfort and 45% Polyester (man made fibres) for durability. This shirt is beautifully made with button cuffs and a straight back. It’s great for everyday use or indeed for those special occasions.

If you are unable to wear man-made fibres, then you could try the Hoggs of Fife Inverness Pure Cotton tattersall shirt, as an alternative.

Made from 100% Pure Cotton the tattersall shirt, above, will keep you dry and warm all day and it looks great worn with a pair of stonewash jeans!

Another alternative is the Champion Ayr long sleeve tattersall shirt. (In the picture below). This shirt is more bold in its mix of colours and may be considered a more casual look, when compared with those discussed above. Made from 100% Cotton, the York tattersall shirt has a crisper, cleaner look!

So, whether you are looking for a ‘farmers’ traditional check shirt or perhaps a fashionable check style shirt, (and these really are perfect gifts for those special people in your life), then check out our range of tattersall shirts – and please remember, there is probably a tattersall shirt for every occasion!