How to put on walking gaiters effortlessly

Posted by Bethan Bithell on 2nd Mar 2023


The gaiter is an essential piece of kit for any hill walker or worker!

What are Walking Gaiters?

Classic Ripstop Walking Gaiters

Gaiters are an essential piece of equipment for walkers, hikers, hunters, shooters, beaters, gardeners - or for those operating in the workplace!

Leg gaiters are worn to protect ankles and legs from scratches and other injuries caused by walking through brambles and heather. They also provide extra protection from the wind and rain and wet grass. They also prevent mud and sludge from entering from the top of the boot.

Many climbers wear heavy duty hiking gaiters to protect their legs from spikes, protruding from the crampons.

Gaiters are made from various waterproof and breathable materials. They are available in many lengths and many calf sizes including ankle gaiters, short and longer length gaiters.

Gaiters that extend to just below the knee are commonly used for mountaineering. Shorter length gaiters are designed to cover the shin, and therefore are often worn in warmer climates!

How to put on gaiters

Putting on leg gaiters can sometimes be difficult due to their design. Many gaiters such as the Hoggs of Fife Field & Trek Gaiters, have zips located at the rear. Whereas other brands such as the Classic ripstop gaiter have a closure at the front!

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Below is a video demonstrating how to put on gaiters effortlessly and safely:

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