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How to put on walking gaiters effortlessly

Posted by Bethan Bithell on Jul 21, 2023


Walking gaiters are an essential piece of kit for any hill walker or worker!

What are Walking Gaiters?

Mudlock Big Calf Gaiters

Walking gaiters are an essential piece of equipment for outdoor enthusiasts such as walkers, hikers, hunters, shooters, beaters, and gardeners. They are also commonly used in the workplace by individuals who require protection for their legs and ankles. The primary purpose of gaiters is to safeguard the lower limbs from scratches and other injuries that can occur while walking through rough terrain, such as brambles and heather. Additionally, gaiters provide an extra layer of protection from the elements, including wind, rain, wet grass, and mud.

One of the key benefits of wearing leg gaiters is their ability to prevent mud and sludge from entering the top of the boot. This is particularly important when hiking through muddy or watery areas, as it helps to keep the feet and lower legs dry and clean. By acting as a barrier between the boot and the outside environment, gaiters effectively shield against moisture and debris, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Climbers, in particular, often opt for heavy-duty hiking gaiters due to the additional protection they provide against spikes protruding from crampons. These specialised gaiters are designed to be durable and resistant to punctures, ensuring that climbers can navigate icy or snowy terrain without the risk of injury. The waterproof and breathable materials used in the construction of gaiters further enhance their functionality, allowing for ventilation while also keeping moisture out.

When selecting walking gaiters, it is important to consider factors such as size, fit, and material. Gaiters should be chosen based on the anticipated terrain and weather conditions to ensure optimal protection. Additionally, it is advisable to choose gaiters that are easy to put on and take off, as this can greatly enhance convenience during outdoor activities.

Gaiters are made from various waterproof and breathable materials. They are available in many lengths and many calf sizes including ankle gaiters, big calf gaiters, short and longer length gaiters.

How to put on gaiters

Putting on leg gaiters can sometimes be difficult due to their design. Many gaiters such as the Hoggs of Fife Field & Trek Gaiters, have zips located at the rear. Whereas other brands such as the Classic ripstop gaiter have a closure at the front!

To ensure your gaiters provide maximum protection and perform optimally, it's essential to put them on correctly. Follow these steps for wearing most styles of hiking and mountaineering gaiters:

  1. Position the gaiters with the hook-and-loop closures in front and the fabric wrapping around the back of your legs.
  2. Ensure the instep strap buckles are on the outside of your feet to prevent accidental kicking while walking.
  3. Adjust the instep straps for a snug fit around your boots or shoes.
  4. Engage the lace hooks (if available) on your boots or shoes.
  5. Close the hook-and-loop closures, ensuring a secure fit around your legs and calves.
  6. Tighten the top closures for a comfortable, snug fit that doesn't restrict circulation.
  7. Secure any additional closures, such as snaps or straps, for added security.

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Below is a video demonstrating how to put on gaiters effortlessly and safely:

Putting on Gaiters Effortlessly

Learn how to put on gaiters in four easy steps!Find out about our collection of walking gaiters, big calf gaiters and short gaiters on our website http://www...

Putting on Gaiters Effortlessly

The video was uploaded on 21/02/2014.

You can view the video here.

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In summary, walking gaiters are an essential piece of equipment for individuals engaged in outdoor activities or those working in rugged environments. They provide protection against scratches, injuries, wind, rain, wet grass, mud, and spikes from crampons. By choosing gaiters made from waterproof and breathable materials that fit properly, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy added comfort and safety during their adventures.

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Last Modified: 21st July 2023