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Posted by Bethan Bithell on May 28, 2015

Safety Footwear for everyday wear!

Introducing the Grisport boots and shoes ‘safety footwear’ range!

It could be the case that your job involves being on your feet all day long, perhaps standing for long periods on hard or damp concrete floors. Or, maybe you work on construction sites where your feet will need to work ‘that much harder’, just to help keep your posture upright and comfortable.

Similarly, don’t forget that even your outdoor hobby, such as hiking or shooting can mean that your feet are under immense pressure, particularly when out and about in difficult conditions. Well, if any of the above scenarios sound familiar, then a good quality pair of work boots or shoes is certainly the best way to care for your feet, ensuring resilience, comfort and safety when in those harshest of environments!

Grisport Boots & Shoes Safety range

The Grisport ‘safety range’ has been designed to the highest possible standard meeting the essential CAT (SR-HRO-HI) and EN (ISO 20345-2004) safety standards. Further, Grisport has designed its safety boots and shoes in such a way that they are very well equipped to deal with, (and perform extremely well within), the harshest of environments!

Grisport Safety Boots

Listed below are our recommended Grisport safety boots for specific sports, hobbies and working environments.

Safety Boots for Shooters, Hunters and Gamekeepers

Shooters, huntsman and huntswomen are often out and about in extreme weathers, operating in difficult terrain and usually walking for many miles. Therefore wearing the right footwear is essential for ensuring safety and comfort. The  Grisport Combat boot is a high leg safety boot that has been designed to meet these very requirements.

This boot boasts many key features including:

  • A shock proof sole – for protection against ‘impact shock’, (i.e. walking on uneven grounds), providing a more comfortable and softer walk
  • A slip proof Vibram sole unit – giving essential added grip when walking over wet rocks
  • Breathable uppers – allowing the feet to breath, whilst preventing sweating, helping to keep the feet cool and dry for longer
  • A Sympatex lining – this is a top performance waterproof and breathable lining
  • A padded and sewn-in tongue – to help keep debris out, when walking through hedge growth for example.
  • A fleece lining – for warmth and comfort on those colder days
  • Energy absorption – in the heel area, for comfort
  • A water-resistant sole unit
  • A sole unit meeting EN applicable testing conditions (S3-HRO-CI-WR-SRC-HI)

If you prefer not to wear a safety boot, then there are a range of high-leg boots that are just perfect for shooting and hunting. For example, the Grisport Ranger boot offers fantastic protection, support and stability, whilst ensuring a comfort walk.

Safety Boots for Farmers & Mechanics

Due to the environment farmers or mechanics find themselves working in, there may be chemicals and spillages that will often damage the sole unit of footwear. Chemicals in compounds such as oil, lubricants or manure will rot and destroy traditional sole units over time and therefore specifically designed soles are needed, to alleviate this problem.

The Grisport ‘Contractor’ boot sole unit has been designed to meet the testing method conditions of EN ISO 20344-2004 or EN 344-1:1992, confirming that the sole unit is heat resistant, slip resistant and perforation resistant, which are all necessary qualities for this type of boot.

Below is a more detailed breakdown of the Grisport ‘Contractor’ boot’s fantastic qualities:

  • A “200 J” Steel toe cap
  • An ankle- lock support system, to prevent movement of the heel and ankle whilst working
  • Water penetration, absorption and perforation resistant
  • Heat resistance up to 300o
  • A grease resistant sole
  • Slip resistant on standard ceramic floors where there are ‘spills’ from lubricants, water or detergents
  • Slip resistant on steel floors where there are ‘spills’ from glycerine lubricants
  • Anti-static properties, meaning there is energy absorption in the heel area for comfort

The Grisport ‘Contractor’ boot sole unit meets EN applicable testing conditions (S3-HRO-HI-SRC).

Alternatively, the Grisport Combat boot offers the same sole unit protection as the ‘Contractor’ boot but has been designed as a shoe rather than a boot.

Safety Boots for Stable Hands

When working around horses, foot safety is key. The Grisport Chukka boot is available in black and brown and offers the necessary safety features and comfort. At a weight of only 1400g, this boot really is lightweight and practical. As a result of the Grisport unique five layer sole unit design, these boots will be comfortable straight from the box! This five layer design offers stability, support, and a cushioned walk. In addition, the outer layer of the sole offers chemical and liquid protection. Be assured that these boots are made using top quality Italian leather and are soft, supple and truly are a very comfortable fit!

Key features include:

  • Perforation resistant
  • Water penetration and absorption resistant
  • A sole that is resistant to temperatures of up to 300 degrees
  • Slip-resistant
  • A “200J” Steel toe cap

Within any industry safety and comfort are paramount, so ensuring your feet are protected and comfortable all day long really is so very important.

Our collection of Grisport safety boots and shoes are those which have been designed to ofer you the highest quality features at very competitive prices.

To view our full range please visit our Grisport Boots page.

Always stay safe and comfortable when working!