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Posted by Bethan Bithell on Jan 27, 2021

Should I go for a ‘Raglan’ or ‘Set-In’ Sleeve when choosing a new shooting jacket?

The best shooting jacket should meet your needs, give you plenty of space to move in the arms and be suitable for the type of shooting event you are attending.

When considering the purchase of your new shooting jacket, there are many factors to consider ( find out more). One of the biggest deciders on which jacket will likely be whether it has a ‘raglan’ sleeve or a ‘set-in’ sleeve. It’s important therefore to have some idea of the difference between these two types of sleeves.

So, what really is a Raglan sleeve?

Often found on sports and more casual shooting clothing, t-shirts and sweatshirts, this style of sleeve is one continuous piece of fabric that extends from the collar of the jacket down to the underarm. 

The raglan sleeve creates a wider underarm area, allowing additional space when wearing bulky sweaters or other layers under your jacket and to give much needed flexibility when shooting.

Why is this important in a shooting jacket?

Many shooting jackets are designed this way to allow ease of movement when aiming for that perfect shot. This extra movement also makes the jacket extremely comfortable to wear.

The biggest benefits of a raglan sleeve are:

  • Freedom of movement
  • No shoulder seam 
  • Wider underarm fitting for comfort and breathability 
  • Offers a casual yet smart look

This type of sleeve is perfect for casual and informal occasions and shoot days. If you are looking for something smarter for a more  formal shooting event, a jacket with a set-in sleeve is the way to go.

An example of a shooting jacket with a Raglan- Sleeve:

Ridgeline Monsoon II Jacket

Ridgeline Monsoon II Jacket

What is a Set-In sleeve?

A ‘set-in’ sleeve has a seam at the shoulder which continues right around the arm. While offering less flexibility and ease of movement than the raglan sleeve, this style gives a more professional, formal look.

The biggest benefits of a set-in sleeve are:

  • Offers a tailored look suitable for formal events
  • Shooting jackets of this style are designed to be worn over a suit
  • Lots of choice as most formal shooting jackets opt for the set-in sleeve.

An example of a jacket with a Set-In sleeve:

Game Trekker JacketGame Trekker Jacket

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