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Grisport Revolution Boot Review


REVIEWED: May 1st 2015


The Grisport Revolution walking boot has been designed for the serious backpacker!

Grisport Revolution Boot Review

The Grisport Revolution walking boot has been designed for serious hikers! Being designed and produced in Italy, using top quality materials, the Revolution boot offers fantastic comfort and support straight from the box!  Grisport has many years of experience designing walking boots that provide the necessary arch support and comfort, resulting in a boot that reduces impact, rubbing and foot-ache!

Pros: arch support, a sole stabilizer, soft leather

Cons: it may be a bit rigid for some walkers, due to the heel-lock system

Buy it: if you are looking for a sturdy yet soft and comfortable backpacking boot

Key features of the Grisport Revolution Walking Boot

Material: Grained Quality Leather
Sole Unit: Rubber Sole
Insole: An anatomically designed arch support insole
Lining: Cordura Performance Fabric
Lacing: Quick Lacing System
Colour: Brown
Weight: 1280g
Sizes: UK 3 – 12 (EU 36 – 47)

Additional Features:

  • Heel Support System for great stability
  • Anti-tendinitis Relief System at the heel
  • Cushioned toe joint, located where the boot ‘bends’ near the toes

The unique features of the Grisport Revolution walking boot ensure a comfortable walk, and will help to eliminate many of the foot ache problems that walkers may experience. The heel-support system helps to ‘lock’ the heel in place, preventing it from lifting and moving about when walking. The anti-tendonitis system offers additional padding, relieving potential sore areas of your ankle. (Remember, Tendonitis occurs when there is inflamation of the tendon, due to repetition of movement over time).

Many walkers complain about sores or blisters on the top of their toes. This often occurs when the foot bends and the leather of the boot bends with it, adding pressure to the tops of the toes. The Grisport Revolution boot has a cushioned toe-joint to help reduce this pressure.

Please view our video below for more information:

If you would like to buy this fantastic walking boot, please click on the link here – Grisport Revolution Boot