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Just like any human, our doggies just love it when they receive a pressie! Make them feel special with a fantastic gift just for them. We've sourced some interesting items that will certainly please. And, without telling a long tail (I know, a paw joke!), your pooch will have so much fun playing with his or her new toy or wearing his or her new doggies drying coat. Go on, spoil them! If you're stuck for ideas, the items below will certainly help. From our Desmond the duck toy, or a superb dog drying coat, or even a chuck ball or antler dog chew, there'll be something to please your pooch!
  • 8th Feb 2021  Bethan Bithell

    Essential clothing and footwear for the modern gamekeeper

    This guide discusses the following:- History and Duties of the Gamekeeper- The National Gamekeeper Organisation (NGO)- Gamekeeper Attire (shoot days and day-to-day)History of GamekeepingThe role of the gamekeeper has evolved over the last couple of h

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  • 5th Feb 2021  Bethan Bithell

    What to wear when deer stalking | Handy Advice Guide

    Stalking is a term used to describe the hunting and shooting of deer. The principal reasons deer stalking takes place are: Control of deer and other species populationLand maintenance e.g. the protection of agricultural crops and forestryTo pro

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  • 1st Feb 2021  Tony Bithell

    Wearing the right socks to prevent cold feet

    Why are my feet always cold when walking? There are many reasons why you might have cold feet while out and about in the great outdoors. Health issues such as poor circulation or diabetes may be a cause, or perhaps something as simple as wearing

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