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Difference between Raglan Sleeve and Set in Sleeve

Posted by Bethan Bithell on 3rd Mar 2015

Should I go for a ‘Raglan’ Sleeve or a ‘Set-In’ Sleeve when choosing my new shooting jacket?

When considering the purchase of your new shooting jacket, there are many factors you should consider, a major one being should the jacket have a ‘Raglan’ sleeve or a ‘Set-In’ sleeve! It’s important therefore to have some idea of the difference between these two types of sleeves.

So, what really is a Raglan sleeve?

Well, a raglan sleeve is one continuous piece of fabric that extends from the collar of the jacket down to the underarm. This style of sleeve is often found on sports and casual clothing, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts or sports jackets.

A benefit of a raglan sleeve is that it creates a wider underarm area, allowing additional space when wearing bulky sweaters or other layers under your jacket. Many shooting jackets are designed this way, making it is easier to move about with more space to lift your arms up and down, as required. This extra movement also makes the jacket extremely comfortable to wear!

Many of our shooting jackets are designed with a raglan sleeve, including Hoggs of Fife’s Edinburgh Jacket and Glenfinnan Tweed collections.

Some benefits and features of wearing a jacket with a raglan sleeve are:

  • there is freedom of movement, due to extra space created by the style and shape of the sleeve
  • there is no shoulder seam
  • fitting is wider in the underarm area
  • it offers a casual, sporty look

This type of sleeve is more suitable for casual and informal occasions and is not really suitable for the more formal events. If you are considering attending a formal shooting event, then perhaps a jacket with a ‘Set-In’ sleeve would be more suitable.

So, what really is a Set-In sleeve?
A ‘set-in’ sleeve has a seam at the shoulder which continues around the complete arm’s material. This style of sleeve gives a more professional, formal and possibly natural look!

Some benefits and features of wearing a jacket with a set-in sleeve are:

  • there is a tailored look which is suitable for formal events
  • jackets with this style of sleeve are designed to be worn over a suit
  • there may be lack of movement, due to the location of the seam

For more advice or assistance when choosing your new jacket, please do feel free to contact a member of our sales team who will be delighted to speak with you! Please contact us by telephoning 01978 437029 or e-mailing us.

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