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Posted by Bethan Bithell on Jan 16, 2016

Chera wax cotton is a traditional fabric used in the manufacture of apparel and accessories. Chera wax is the signature fabric of the organisation which calls itself British Millerain, which is the leading manufacturers of waxed cotton fabrics.

Chera wax cotton is soft to touch with a matt appearance. Products made using chera wax cotton will age over time creating a unique, worn finish.

How to maintain products using chera wax cotton

Please note:

Always refer to the garment’s manufacturer’s care instructions for specific guidance

Below you will find generic guidance on how to maintain garments made from chera wax cotton fabric:

  • Brush off mud and dirt gently with a soft lint free fabric pad
  • Sponge the fabric with cold water if necessary
  • Allow products to dry off naturally in a cool air environment
  • Never pack products away when wet, as this will reduce the performance of the fabric
  • Reproof garments with a wax reproofing treatment, as this will help to maintain the weatherproof qualities and also extend the products life span
  • Never use soap or solvents on the fabric

Typically, Indiana hat by Hoggs of Fife are a good example of products made using this type of fabric.

Should you require any further information about this fabric or any other fabrics we use at Cherry Tree Country Clothing please do not hesitate to contact us.