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Posted by Bethan Bithell on Nov 04, 2015

Wearing the correct game shooting gear and having the right equipment is essential if you are to enjoy all of your shooting events with comfort. Having the proper ‘kit’ can also help to ensure that you are safe and, of course, that others around you are safe too!

Below is our ‘ Pheasant Shooting Gear Checklist‘ which, for ease of use, has been split into three sections:

1. The first section outlines the essential gear you will need to take with you

2. The second section lists some of the luxury items that you may wish to take (if you have the space)

3. The third section lists the equipment you should take if your Gun Dog is joining you

Whether you are embarking upon a ‘day shoot’ or a ‘weekend shoot’, the checklist below will offer some clarity about the items you should consider having with you.

Game Shooting Gear Checklist

Below is our Game Shooting Gear checklist suggestions:

Included in the checklist are a few luxury items. These are no ‘essential’ items by any means, but if you have the space to carry them with you in your bag, or you can leave them securely in your vehicle, they are definitely worth taking along. They could even be considered as a shooting gift.

Finally, if you are taking your Gun Dog along with you, do make sure he or she is completely up to date with vaccinations! It’s also imprtant to have your dog micro-chipped and to make sure that it is 100% healthy, before embarking upon a shoot. It is also worth carrying out a bit of research beforehand, to find contact details (and the location) of a local Veterinary Practice, just in case of any emergencies!

Something to consider is that it really isn’t necessary to spend large amounts of money on some of those items listed above. In fact, you may often be able to hire or borrow some of the items from the shoot event organisers. It is suggested that you always contact the Shoot Captain, prior to the event, to see what equipment is available and to find out what the itinerary is for the day/weekend ahead.

So, if we’ve missed anything out and you think there’s something else we could include in our Pheasant Shooting Gear Checklist, please do contact us. We welcome your views and we look forward to hearing from you!