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Different types of Dexshell socks

Posted by Bethan Bithell on Jul 27, 2022

Dexshell socks are made using cutting edge technology! By using advanced manufacturing techniques together with state of the art fabrics, Dexshell is able to create waterproof socks, gloves and hats that are durable, comfortable and reliable.

In recent tests, Dexshell products were compared with rivals based upon warmth, dryness and comfort. As a resultthey were found to be 30% more reliable than their rivals!

Utilising a three layer construction and featuring a PORELLE waterproof breathable membrane, these socks are guaranteed to be 100% waterproof and breathable. Combined with inner fabrics such as Coolmax, Merino wool and cotton for warmth and durability, you can choose a thermal rating that's suitable for your own needs.

Dexshell socks are ideal for a range of country sports and water sports, from the trekker sock for hiking and walking, to the wader sock for fishing and kayaking.  So, no matter what your outdoor sport is, perhaps a professional outdoor enthusiast or maybe a casual dog walker, a pair of Dexshell socks can prove to be a very useful part of your kit!

Our comparison table below, highlights the key features of the different types and styles of waterproof socks  that we have available.  You really can choose a sock that is suitable for any type of outdoor activity you may be undertaking.

We hope you enjoy your favourite outdoor activity when you choose from our range of Dexshell products! 

Dexshell Socks Comparison Table

Dexshell Hytherm-Pro Dexshell Wading Dexshell Trekking
Dexshell Hytherm pro sock Dexshell wading sock dexshell trekking sock
Waterproof & Breathable Waterproof & Breathable Waterproof & Breathable
Yes Yes Yes
Lining Lining Lining
Merino Wool Acrylic/Nylon Merino Wool
Membrane Membrane Membrane 
Thermal Rating Thermal Rating Thermal Rating
5 out of 6 5 out of 6 3 out of 6
Suitable for: Suitable for: Suitable for:
Walking, Gardening, Hunting, Farming Watersports, Walking, Hiking, Fishing Walking, Hiking, Dog walking, Shooting
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If you need any further information or advice on any of our Dexshell products, please do not hesitate to contact us!