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Mission: 'Maximise your Experience'

Owners Brent and Juanita McConnell once experienced a near death experience in the harsh New Zealand bush. As a result, Stoney Creek was born. Established in 1994, it is now a leading and trusted name in New Zealand, and beyond, for quality hunting and outdoor gear! 

Through extensive testing in the toughest of conditions and through utilising leading edge fabric technology, this high performing purpose built gear has been designed to keep you comfortable for the duration of your time outdoors. longer!

Brent and Juanita McConnell both have strong rural connections and continue to work as farmers whilst still holding a presence within the hunting community.


                                       Three words that best describe the ethos of Stoney Creek!

Passion in what they love, eagerly awaiting the light of dawn to get out and do what they love in the right gear!

Preparation for what Mother Nature provides when out in the elements.  Wearing the right gear is essential for  success whether hunting, stalking, fishing, farming or shooting. Of course being equipped with the right gear is essential as no two days are ever the same!  Stoney Creek has carefully designed a range of apparel that has been tested in the most extreme weather conditions, resulting in purpose-built gear that can withstand the harshest of conditions.

Protection for future generations through offering support to over 25,000 children who are currently in need. Throughout 2018-2020 Stoney Creek has been able to support children in New Zealand with 15,000 support packages. The aim is to be able to offer 100,000 support packages over the next few years.


New Zealand is known for its beautiful but extreme environment!  

Such a demanding environment requires the best gear and it may not be a surprise, therefore, that New Zealand is probably one of the best places to test new ground breaking clothing technologies. This enables Stoney Creek to  share its quality Stoney Creek quality range with confidence throughout UK and many other countries across the globe too!

Stoney Creek products are truly ideal for a variety of outdoor activities including farming, fishing, hunting and walking to name a just a few!

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