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Posted by Bethan Bithell on Oct 18, 2014

If you are about to replace your shooting jacket or perhaps you have never bought one before, then there are several ‘critical features’ you really should consider before making your final purchase!

It’s worth remembering that your new jacket should be designed in such a way that it will meet all of your needs, when you are out and about operating within different environments. Whether you attend formal shooting events or are part of a local syndicate, choosing the right shooting jacket can have a major impact upon how much you will enjoy your time out. For example, one major question to ask yourself is whether you should buy a jacket with a set-in sleeve or with a raglan sleeve?

It’s really quite surprising how many people turn up to a shoot sporting a ‘heavy’ wax jacket, or perhaps a non-waterproofed cotton jacket, simply because they weren’t sure – or have never been advised – what they should or could wear.

So then, what are these 12 specific critical features of a shooting jacket?

In order for a shooting coat or jacket to be ‘your best friend’, it must have all the key features you’ll need to ensure you’re dry, warm and comfortable all day long – and, importantly, it should ideally offer the practical features you’ll need too!

The ‘infographic’ below, highlights the necessary key features of a quality shooting jacket. We have addressed what we consider to be essential components of a functional and comfortable garment.

12 features every shooting jacket should have

If you have any queries, or need any advice on the best jacket to suit your needs, then please do contact us by e-mail or by phone, and we’ll be only to pleased to help!

Incidentally, does your shooting jacket have any additional features not listed in the infographic above, that you think are useful? If so, then please let us know by leaving a comment below!

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