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Game Shooting

Useful resources to help you understand the fundamentals of Game Shooting in the UK


Beginners Guide to Game Shooting

Beginners Guide to Game Shooting

A comprehensive guide to Game Shooting. Learn about the importance of game shooting in the UK, up to date legal issues to be aware of and what you should wear when out shooting.

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Shooting Organisations and Associations

Top 30 Shooting Organisations and Associations

There are many key organisations and associations operate to advise & inform individuals & organisations. Find out more.

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Fieldsports in the UK

Fieldsports in the UK - Shooting and Hunting

What is fieldsport? What animals in the UK can be shot and hunted as part of a fieldsport? 

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Buying shooting clothes

Buying the Perfect Shooting & Stalking Clothing

It can be difficult choosing the right shooting jacket and trousers. Find out more in our easy to follow guide.

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Shooting Trousers: A Useful Buying Guide

What should you look for when buying a pair of shooting trousers? Find out  here.

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Shooting gear checklist 

Shooting Gear Checklist

Make sure you have all the right gear with our downloadable shooting gear checklist.

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Shooting Fashion Guide

Shooting Fashion

Make sure you keep up with tradition with our shooting fashion guide.

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Game Bird and Waterfowl Shooting in North Wales

A useful guide with map of game bird and waterfowl shooting in North Wales

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Gamekeeper Buying Guides

Essential Clothing and Footwear for Modern Gamekeepers

Check out our guide on what modern Gamekeepers should wear this season.

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The History of Tweed Country Clothing

Find out about the history of tweed clothing and why it is so popular.

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Classic Harris Tweed Cap Range

You are sure to see a range of different styles and colours of Harris Tweed when out on the field. Check out our range here.

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The Popularity of Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed is a quality fabric hand made in the Outer Hebrides UK. Find out more here.

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Shooting Fashion

Make sure you wear the right clothing when out shooting in our shooting fashion guide.

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