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Leaking walking boots? Get the best from your boots!

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Leaking walking boots and other common problems – and how to prevent them!

leaking walking bootsDo you experience leaking walking boots ? Just how frustrating is that?

Have you perhaps searched for many hours to find the right pair of walking boots that will be comfortable and just perfect for the job, but then sadly don’t last? Perhaps you’ve experienced your footwear leaking after only a couple of months from new, or you don’t feel protected when out and about in slippery and wet conditions?

Well the fact is that these problems can occur for many different reasons! Below are what we, at Cherry Tree Country Clothing, consider to be some of the more common problems associated with walking boots, along with some suggestions for prevention of these problems in the future.

Walking Boot Problems

One of the most commonly discussed problems is that of leaking walking boots. This can be caused by a number of factors.

1.Punctured waterproof membrane

Sharp items such as thorns, brambles and barbed wire can puncture or cut the membrane allowing water to enter into the boot.

Recommendation/Solution: Apply StormSeal/StormSure to the hole to permanently repair the damage

2. Punctured sole

The waterproof membrane is best described as an internal boot which lines inside. If the sole is punctured by walking on sharp slate, nails or barbed wire, the boots may leak.

Recommendation/Solution: Apply StormSeal/StormSure to the hole to permanently repair the damage

3. Wet boots

Wearing walking boots in wet conditions over a period of time, will reduce the performance of the waterproof membrane. As a result of extensive testing, it has been established that a leather walking boot with a waterproof membrane will perform successfully for up to 7 hours! At this point, boots will need to be completely dried out before they should be used again.

Recommendation/Solution: Allow boots to fully dry out, naturally, before wearing them in wet conditions.

Hot and sweating feet

1. Breathable membrane

Many walking boot membranes are waterproof and breathable. A breathable membrane will draw moisture away from the foot and out of the boots, keeping feet dry and comfortable.

If your boots feel wet or damp on the inside, even through it has been a dry day, then this means moisture cannot escape! This may be due to saturated or muddy boots. Mud will clog up the ‘breathability’ of the pores.

Recommendation/Solution: Clean and dry out the walking boots after every walk, to allow the waterproof and breathable membrane to perform effectively

walking socks2. Walking Socks

Many modern day walking socks will wick away moisture from the foot, helping to keep your feet dry from sweat. However, if the top of the socks get wet, this wicking capability will instead draw moisture down into the sock, therefore making your feet wet or damp.

Recommendation/Solution: Wear walking gaiters over your socks to prevent moisture from reaching the socks

Lack of Maintenance

Poor care of boots will damage the outer fabric. For example, the leather will crack or split, and dirty boots can prevent the waterproof and breathable membrane from performing effectively. Therefore a little bit of time and effort to maintain your boots will ensure your walking boots and walking shoes will last for many years. For a step by step guide on how to clean, maintain and reproof leather boots please view our clean, maintain and reproof leather boots and shoes guide.

So, we hope the above will help you to enjoy a comfortable time when out and about but, should you have any further queries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!