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FAQ Hoggs of Fife Country Clothing

Posted by Bethan Bithell on 3rd Mar 2015

Find below a list of frequently asked questions about Hoggs of Fife clothing:

1. What is Tweed?

Tweed is a rough surfaced woollen fabric originally produced in Scotland. Tweed can be either plain or twill weave, and may have a check or Herringbone pattern.

Tweed fabric is most commonly used for clothing for outdoor country sports such as hunting or shooting. More recently however, tweed has vecome popular as a result of Dr Who wearing a Harris Tweed jacket!

Check out the full range of Hoggs of Fife Tweed clothing

2. What’s the best way to wash my Hoggs tweed jacket?

Dry Clean only!

3. When I’m out hunting I like to have a lot of deep pockets. Can you suggest a suitable jacket?

The Hoggs of Fife Edinburgh tweed jacket would be perfect for hunting and shooting. The Jacket has two bellows pockets with drain vents and shooters retaining straps, so you can access your pockets quickly and easily. Plus the Edinburgh tweed jacket has two moleskin lined hand-warmer pockets for when you are hanging around! Click here for full description of the Hoggs of Fife Edinburgh tweed jacket

4. How do I wash Hoggs of Fife moleskin trousers?

  • Always remember to wash dark colours separately, especially the first wash. Turn the trousers inside out and wash at 300.
  • Don’t bleach.
  • Always iron on reverse side to ensure a perfect finish, on a warm setting.
  • Never use a tumble-dryer, simply hang the trousers out to dry.

5. How do I look after my Hoggs of Fife wax waistcoat?

  • To prevent spoiling the wax coating, do not dry clean.
  • Wash down the waistcoat with clean cold water and hang to dry at normal room temperature to allow the wax to settle.
  • Never use soap detergent or cleaning fluids on wax clothing
  • If your wax waistcoat is dirty or contaminated with petrol, oil manure, or other chemicals, only wash with clean cold water.

6. How do I re-proof my wax clothing?

Using the Hoggs of Fife spray dressing for waxed cotton clothing. Spray evenly and sparingly on dry areas and seams at a distance of 10-15cm. If an area is heavily soiled, apply a liberal amount of wax proofing with a soft brush. By applying wax dressing to your wax clothing, will maintain the washproof quality of the garment and keep the garment in top condition, thereby extending the life of the garment

7. How do I wash Hoggs of Fife beachcomber socks?

Beachcomber socks have 50% wool and 50% polypropylene. Therefore care should be taken when washing.

  • Wool wash at 400
  • Do not iron
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not dry clean
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