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Ever wondered how to re-waterproof a jacket?

Posted by Bethan Bithell on 24th Jul 2012

Nikwax Wash and Waterproofing Treatments for your Country Clothing and Outdoor Gear

With the torrential down pours we have experienced over the last few months, I’m sure a lot of jackets and trousers will need re-proofing.

Does your jacket look like this…

Or like this?

If there are no droplets of water sitting on the fabric then it is time to re-proof. But how? Follow this easy guide on choosing the correct Nikwax treatment for your country clothing. If you want more information, why not click here to find out more!

1. Waterproof and breathable jacket, trousers etc

Wash: Tech Wash
Re-proof: TX Direct Wash in or Spray On

Recommended for GORE-TEX, Sympatex, Entrant, eVENT and Ultrex membranes

2. Softshell jacket, trousers etc

For softshell items with wicking/absorbent liners

Wash: Tech Wash
Re-proof: Softshell Wash-In

Recommended for Windstopper, Windbloc, Schoeller, Powershield and Polartec

3. Fleece and synthetic Insulated fabrics such as fleece jackets

Wash: Tech Wash
Re-proof: Polar Proof

Recommended for PolarTec, Synchilla, Thinulate, Primaloft, Polarguard and Hollofill

4. Down jackets and gilet

Wash: Down Wash
Re-proof: Down Proof Wash In

5. Cotton jackets and trousers

Wash: Tech Wash
Re-proof: Cotton Proof

Suitable for all cotton and polycotton textiles

For further information on how to get the best from your country clothing and outdoor gear check out our “Advice for Cleaning and Waterproofing Country Clothing and Outdoor Gear” section on our website – click here.

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