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Dog Walking Guides



Dog Walking Buying Guides

Your Dog Walking Gear - A Guide!

Make sure you are all prepared for those cold morning walks and muddy paths with our dog walking gear guide.

Get the right dog walking gear >


Dog walking wellies or walking boots - your choice!

What do you prefer when walking your dog wellies or boots? This guide outlines the benefits of each.

View the difference between dog walking wellies and boots > 

Dog Drying Coats - Ruff and Tumble

If you have a dog that loves rolling around in muddy puddles or running into rivers, then you definitely need a dog drying coat. Find out more here.

Find out more about Ruff and Tumble dog drying coats >

Without a bit of TLC your dog walking boots will start to leak! Here's how to get it right!

Make sure your dog walking boots stay waterproof with our simple to follow guide on looking after your boots.

Learn how to prevent your dog walking boots from leaking >

Just how useful are dog drying coats?

Keep your dog dry and warm with a dog drying coat. Plus avoid getting the back of your car wet and muddy after a long walk. Find out more here. 

Learn just how useful dog drying coats are >

The threat of ticks - tick toc

Make sure you and your pet avoid catching ticks with our guide. Ticks can make humans and dogs very ill and could even kill - so be prepared.

Avoid getting ticks >

The dangers of blue-green algae upon dogs

Blue-green algae is extremely common in the UK and is extremely poisonous to dogs, cats, horses, cows and birds. Find out more here.

Get up to date about the dangers of blue-green algae >

Ideal dog walking boots

Wearing the right dog walking boots will provide you with the comfort and enjoyment to go further with your pet. Check out our dog walking boots guide here.

Get the right dog walking boots >

A dog owner's guide to understanding dog law

Make sure you get the best from your waterproof jacket or trousers with our guide on waterproofing. 

Understand the dog owners guide to the law >

Dog walkers' responsibilities at lambing time!

Make sure your dog is under control at all times during lambing time especially. 

Make sure you understand your responsibilities when walking your dog >

FAQ Antler Dog Chews

Ever heard of antler dog chews? A natural product that will keep your pet occupied for hours. Find out more here.

Find out about the benefits of Antler dog chews >

Benefits of Dog Walking


There are many benefits to dog walking for you and your pet. Find out more here.

Learn about the benefits of dog walking >

Without a bit of TLC your dog walking boots will start to leak! Here’s how to get it right!


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Making sure your feet are comfortable and dry whilst out with your dog is essential. Which is why we have conducted a range of reviews on our top selling walking boots and wellingtons to help you make a better informed decision. 

 Explore our reviews on our collection of:

Walking Boots Reviews  or  Wellington Boot Reviews

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    9th Apr 2019  B.Bithell

    Dog Walking Boots Buying Guide | Advice on What To Wear

    What to look for when buying a pair of dog walking boots Choosing the right pair of dog walking boots is not always easy! With so many to choose from we can easily become confused and end up buying a pair that's not right for us. This guide w

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  • Hoggs of Fife Albany Tweed Collection - A Luxury Range!

    26th Jun 2018  Bethan Bithell

    Hoggs of Fife Albany Tweed Collection - A Luxury Range!

    Hoggs of Fife Albany Tweed Collection Quality tweed jackets and accessories for ladies can be difficult to find - especially when there are some inferior brands out there in the market place. Well, you can rest assured that the Hoggs of F

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  • Best shooting wellies for shooting and beating

    18th Jul 2017  Bethan Bithell

    Best shooting wellies for shooting and beating

    Best Shooting Wellies – The 2016 Review! Are you looking for the best shooting wellies available? Well in this blog we, at Cherry Tree Clothing, have selected four of our newest and best shooting wellies to discuss, which we have available fo

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