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Best shooting wellies for shooting and beating

Posted by Bethan Bithell on Jul 18, 2017

Best Shooting Wellies

Are you looking for the best  shooting wellies available? Well in this blog we, at Cherry Tree Clothing, have selected four of our newest and best shooting wellies to discuss, which we have available for the 2016 season!

Indeed, it’s a fact that it has always been a topic of debate within the shooting industry whether wellies are better than boots or vice versa!

That said, there are many reasons for wearing shooting wellies rather than boots. The main reason is that when the weather is bad (and it often is!) wellies offer better protection. Wellies can offer better waterproofing, better wading opportunities and they can be warmer to wear, especially when wearing breeks and shooting socks.

There are however benefits of wearing shooting boots rather than wellies. For example, boots offer you more flexibility on your toes, and experienced partridge shooters will know that the key to successful shooting is good footwork.

The Percussion Rambouillet Wellington Boot

Percussion Rambouillet Shooting WelliesNew for 2016 at Cherry Tree Country Clothing is a French brand called Percussion! This brand is a long established brand that manufactures attractive shooting clothing and footwear of a high quality level.

Included in the Percussion range is an outstanding wellington boot – the Percussion Rambouillet welly boot. This is a fully neoprene lined welly with a full length zip and a rubber bellowed protector behind the zip, for total protection.

Having a full length zip on the wellies makes it easier to put them on and take them off, also giving more room for wearing thick shooting socks. Utilising 100% quality rubber and a 4mm neoprene lining, these boots are designed to keep water out whilst offering that all important warmth and comfort. The sole unit is made of rubber with deep wide treads for better grip. For extra stability the Rambouillet welly features an anti-twisting steel reinforcement, which is ideal when walking on uneven ground.

The Goodyear Camouflage Neoprene Lined Wellies

Goodyear Camo Neoprene shooting welliesAlso new for 2016, are the Goodyear Camouflage neoprene shooting wellies. Made from a unique camouflage pattern, these wellies can help you with the process of remaining hidden when you’re out and about. There is also a toe scuff protector on these wellies!

In addition, these Goodyear wellies also feature a 3mm neoprene lining for comfort and warmth along with a side adjustable strap to help achieve the perfect fit. For extra comfort the top of the wellies have a soft elasticated rim to prevent the rubber from ‘digging in’ when walking. Featuring a cleated outer rubber sole for fantastic traction and grip, these wellies also have padded insoles for extra comfort!

These Goodyear Camouflaged wellies are just perfect for both shooters and beaters alike!

The Hoggs of Fife Braemar Wellington Boots Hoggs of Fife Braemar Wellington boots

The Hoggs of Fife Braemar wellington boots are up there as one of our best selling shooting wellies!

They are classic stylish welly boots made from top quality rubber. Designed with a classic cotton lining, they offer plenty of space for wearing shooting socks. They also have contoured ankle and calf areas to ensure a comfortable fit. These wellies are simply perfect for any occasion!

Furthermore, the Braemar wellington features a traditional sole unit and heel that offers fantastic grip and traction, whilst minimising the carrying of mud and debris. These are very flexible wellies that slip on and off very easily!

The Hoggs of Fife Braemar wellington boots are ‘all year round’ wellies and really are perfect for a whole range of outdoor sports and activities. They are currently available in traditional green or a sporty navy blue!

Well, the above are just some of the superb wellies that we have available at Cherry Tree Country Clothing! To see more, please visit our shooting wellingtons section on our website.

And….The Best Shooting Wellies Accessories:

There’s nothing worse than enjoying a great day out and then finding that your discarded wellies have deposited mud and debris all over the boot of your car! Or perhaps you find big lugs of mud in the foot-well of your vehicle at the end of the day. Well, why not avoid all of this and treat yourself to one of our ideal wellie boot bags?

The  Hoggs of Fife Field & Trek boot bag is made from a durable nylon fabric and is designed with two pull up zips for easy access. For other shooting wellies accessories, please visit our shooting footwear accessories section.

Whatever you decide to wear, be comfortable and be safe and have a great time when out and about in the fantastic countryside!