Posted by Bethan Bithell on 16th Jul 2013

When out walking, it can be a burden having to carry a pair of waterproof over- trousers with you just in case it rains! Well, don’t despair, there is an alternative! You could simply treat your cotton or poly-cotton walking trousers with “Nikwax Cotton- Proof” waterproofer. This new and improved formula will add Durable Water Repellency (DWR) to all of your cotton clothes and other cotton elements of your outdoor kit.

Many outdoor clothing products contain cotton in their make-up, due to its ability to breath, its strength and its hardwearing quality. Some of the top outdoor and country clothing specialists such as  PercussionStoney CreekHoggs of Fife, Sherwood Forest, Ridgeline and Bonart use cotton as a key fabric in their products.

There’s nothing worse, when out walking, than getting caught out in a heavy shower and then realising that you’ve forgotten to pack your over- trousers! You’ll be wet through and your clothing could become heavy and uncomfortable to wear. So, it’s definitely worth thinking about water-proofing your best cotton outdoor and country clothing with “Nikwax Cotton Proof”. Remember, over-trousers not then needed!

Problems with wet cotton clothing

With untreated cotton clothing, getting caught out in a heavy shower or perhaps slipping into a stream may result in:

  • your cotton clothes retaining water
  • your cotton clothes taking a long time to dry
  • your cotton clothes holding water against your skin, becoming cold and uncomfortable
  • your cotton clothes becoming heavy and difficult to wear

By water- proofing your cotton clothing with “Nikwax Cotton Proof” any water will simply bead up and roll off your clothes, keeping the water out!

Benefits of Nikwax Cotton ProofProof Sherwood Forest Charlbury Shirt with Nikwax Cotton Proof

The benefits of water-proofing your cotton clothes with “Nikwax Cotton Proof” include:

  • your cotton clothes will dry much quicker
  • your cotton clothes will repel water
  • the breathability of your cotton fabric is still ensured, as air will still be able to pass through it
  • it can be applied either by hand or by using a washing machine

“Nikwax Cotton Proof” is also perfect for canvas, cotton and poly-cotton equipment, such as tents, bags and parasols. Simply dilute as instructed on the label, and brush it on or apply it with a sponge to get the best result.

In summary, Nikwax Cotton Proof is perfect for any cotton clothing, such as walking trousers, shorts, fishing vests, shooting jackets and shirts. It will also protect cotton tents, parasols and bags, for many years.

For information about Nikwax Cotton Proof check out the Youtube video from Nikwax by clicking below: