Posted by Bethan Bithell on 11th Apr 2015

(Discontinued) - Similar Style please see Grisport Nova Walking Shoe

The Grisport Magma lo shoe is a lightweight, comfortable and waterproof walking shoe - perfect for everyday wear!

Grisport Magma lo Shoe Features

The Grisport Magma-Lo is a lovely shoe, nice and lightweight, great for any lowland walking or dog walking, or even going out walking with the family. As you can see they come in nice bright colours, available in Lime and Navy, and it also comes in a Pink and Grey, so it all depends on your preference.

A fully waterproof and breathable shoe, it has the sown in tongue, so you know it is going to keep your feet dry all day. It also has a nice Vibram sole unit to it as well and the great thing about this sole unit is that it has a traction grip at the front, so that as you are walking you get good grip so you can go a lot further, and a break grip on the heel. This gives you more stability when coming down rocky grounds or slippy areas. The Vibram sole unit, you may be aware, gives you the miles, so if you are planning on going on a long trek or a long walk, then the Vibram sole will be great and will take you those extra miles.

The inner part is made from a Cordura fabric which is nice and tough so you know the inside of the shoe is going to last just as well as the outside of the shoe. Inside also it has a removable insole, so if you wish to put in your own insole inside you can do. As you may be aware Grisport design their own sole unit, the five layer sole unit. Basically what that means is you are going to get comfort and the mileage out of this sole unit. There is a stabilizer inside the sole unit as well, so you are more confident that your shoe is not going to twist as you are walking. On the Magma-Lo shoe it has got steel hooks, three on either side and a quick lace hook at the top. This quick lace hook will allow you to quickly lace up your shoes and get the right tension. This shoe is fully waterproof and breathable, and its a great shoe. I have a pair myself which I wear everyday, and they look great with a pair of jeans, but its also a cracking walking shoe. The last feature is the kick guard on the front so you are getting extra protection on the front of the shoe.

That's the Grisport Magma Lo shoe, available in sizes 36 to 42 and available in two colours, Navy and Lime and Grey and Pink.